Holiday Dress number 2, the Let it Snow Dress. This dress was made to last through the winter but has the flair for the holidays. So let’s get started.
The Skirt takes quite a bit of fabric. I used fabric I picked up at Walmart when they had their 5 yards for 5 dollars bolt sale. So it was really cheap, but there are always sales, I would recommend using a thin and lightweight material as it is a very full almost like a pettiskirt on the bottom. So here is how I did it, and I made the picture above to give you a better idea. I measured my daughters waist and added an inch or so for wiggle room. Then I made my waistband which was that measurement for the width and I made it 4 inches tall. Then  to decide the height of the other layers figure out how long you want the skirt part of the dress to be and divide that in half. For me I went with 5 inches for layer 1 and 2 and 4 inches for layer 3 (which will be folded so it ends up half that) To get the width multiply the waist measurement by 2.5 (it’s ok if you need to cut more than 1 piece to get that. You will need to cut two of those, (the skirt is double layered) Then multiply the width of layer 1 by 2.5 and that is the width of layer 2. Again cut two sections then for the last layer do the same thing and multiply it by 2.5 I only cut one of the last layer. It seems overwhelming but it’s really easy. I actually used the same piece from layer 1 as my guide to cut all the other pieces I just cut more of them for each layer.
Then for the sleeve I traced a shirt that I liked the fit on and cut out 2 sleeves in the fabric from the skirt and 2 sleeves in lace for the overlay. I also cut out rectangles to add a little layer to the bottom of the sleeve. 

For the bodice I traced a shirt that fit well and I followed the same steps as I did in yesterday’s holiday dress only the front is the back on this dress and I made the bodice longer. Cut 1 of each piece out of the fabric and one of each out of lace for the overlay.

Ok for sewing, first sew the lace to the bodice pieces along the neckline for the front piece and along the side and neckline for the back pieces. 

Then turn the lace around the the front and sew the bodice pieces together at the shoulders.

Then sew it together at the side seams, and you have a bodice.

Next for the sleeves. Sew the lace to the sleeve along the bottom edge, then turn the lace around to the front and folding your rectangle piece in half pin it along the bottom edge and top stitch in place.
Then sew the sleeve right sides together.

Sew both sleeves to the bodice.Done! Now on to the skirt…
Start by sewing together the pieces of the layers so that you have 2 tubes for layer  1, 2 tubes for layer 2 and 1 tube for layer 3. Then using a basting stitch fold layer 3 in half and sew along the raw edge. Gather the piece. Then take both of the layer 2 tubes and sandwich them with the layer 3 ruffle in the middle. (shown above) then sew along the edge. 
The picture (although blurry) shows layer 3 sewn to layer 2 (there should be two layers) Ruffle the top of each layer separately
Then sew layer 1 to the ruffled side of layer 2 (you will do this to both layers) When it is laying flat it will look like the picture above. So from top to bottom you see, Layer 1 (flat) Layer 2 layer 3 Layer 2 Layer 1 (flat) Still with me? 

Maybe this will help if you fold it so the skirt is double layered front and back it will look like this, (more like a skirt) At this point you can sew a basting stitch along the top edge, you can sew both layers together. Gather that top layer as well. 

Then folding your waistband piece in half sew it to the ruffled edge. When you are done you should have what looks like a skirt. Why the double layer you ask? Couple reasons, 1: it will be warmer 2: it will be fuller since there is more fabric, it will also have more bounce. 3: no need to finish all those edges since they are now all on the inside. 4: When the skirt moves or flips all you see is a reversible skirt.
Now pin the bodice to the skirt where you sewed the waistband to the skirt. Make sure you overlap the back pieces to match up with the width of the front piece. Then sew in place. You will want to finish this edge with a serger of a zig-zag stitch, but luckily it’s the only one 🙂 

You are almost done, You just need to add buttons and a little flair 🙂

I sewed buttons down the back and added little elastic loops on the other side of the flap to secure around the buttons (you could do button holes if you wanted

Then since I just love them so much I made the flowers (tutorial here) and sewed them on with some little beads around the neck. 
That’s it! The perfect little holiday fluffy twirly frosty dress.