The first gift of the season is done. As it should be since it was super easy. I will likely be making several more. The perfect gift for the green thumb on your list, or as shown above with just a fake flower it can be a cute decor item. I am so making a set as a gift bundled along with some seeds for a fresh herb garden. The perfect addition to any kitchen window sill that will provide fragrant and yummy herbs.

 I snagged up these clay plant pots at Joanns (or any craft or garden center) they were 75 cents a piece. I like the tan clay color, but you could easily spray paint them to be any color you wanted.

 I also bought a stencil since it is plastic so re-usable and that means I can make them over and over again. Some black acrylic craft paint, and some cream colored linen. You could use any fabric or even burlap if you wanted.

 I cut the linen in strips that would fit around the base of the pot. Then I lined the stencil up in the center of the strip and painted the letter. The paint will bleed through so be sure to paint on top of something. (like a Jo-anns add minus the coupons of course)

 Then when the paint dries (about 30 min) I used a hot glue gun to add a blob in the center of the pot. Then I first glued the letter in place so that it would be nice and even.

 Then pull each side to the back and hot glue in place. Make sure you pull nice and tight so it has a snug fit. Glue both sides and you are done.

 You could spell anything you wanted, like someone’s last name, LOVE, HERBS, initials like S+R for a couple, you could easily do anything.

 You can plant a fake flower if you want it to be easy to care for. Just use some tissue paper wadded up in the bottom to center the flower.

That’s it. Super easy gift. With tons of possibilities. (there may be more ideas coming 🙂