I have a pile 30 projects deep of things I am making for the holiday season, holiday dresses, (including one for myself gasp) Presents, decor… the list goes on and on. Everything in a different state of completion. I have just been a little lazy or un-motivated to actually complete them all. So instead I made a top for Abbey. You see this little girl LOVES cats. I mean loves them. She had a kitty shirt awhile back that she out grew it was a sad day. (for her I was ok with it) Then my husband found her a new one. She loves it. If she could she would wear it everyday of her life. It does get dirty, so I decided I would make her a second kitty shirt. To say she was thrilled would be an understatement. It’s also about the closest thing she will have to a kitty. I think our neighbor has about 10 so she gets to see them we just don’t have to care for them.

 I added some lace puffs to act as butterflies, and the shoulder detail was just an added touch.

 So to start I made up a simple tee. If you need drafting help check here

 Then sew front and back together at the shoulders. Add in the sleeves.

 Then I added the puffs. made the same way I made the corsages here.

 Then sew up the sides and sleeves.

 Add the ribbing to the neckline. Need help with that? Check this post

Then I cut out a cat from some fabric scraps, and stitched it on using a satin stitch (close zig zag) around the edge. 

 Then it was done. A cute little kitten chasing after some butterflies.

 That made one little girl squeal with excitement.

 I kind of love the “puffy shoulders” since it makes the tee shirt different from any regular tee.

And anything that makes this little girl happy makes me happy.