Thanksgiving Menu! (and last day for photoshop giveaway)

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  1. AJ

    I have a pumpkin that you can use for the appetize. I will even carve it out for you.

  2. The Figgins

    That cranberry relish recipe is almost exactly the same as the one my family has used for years. We grind up cranberries, oranges (peel and all), and apples and then sweeten it to taste. Just be aware that you need to make it at least 24 hours in advance because the flavors take some time to "get acquainted" and you may need to add more sugar after it sits.

  3. Tina

    we have sauerkraut on our table – it's a Maryland tradition, and the sour tastes great with the turkey. i also do a brussel sprout slaw, as per Martha's recipe from whole living; so easy, just mustard seeds, lemon juice, pecans. this year i'm adding waldorf salad to the table cause i'd like a not-cooked dish and i'm thinking that salad will be nice and cold to round out the

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