Children’s Fashion Workshop Giveaway

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  1. Jenn AJennuineLife

    A jacket/coat pattern to start from would be amazing!

  2. Bless by Tone

    I think I would really like to draft a good pants pattern or jeans pattern – They just grow out of their jeans so fast …

  3. Laura J.

    What a fabulous site! I'd never seen it before. I would like to design a blouse pattern that can be easily made but with lots of customization options.

  4. Sandra

    a really cute tunic or dress 🙂

  5. Karen Shaw

    My girls wear leggings a lot so a pretty tunic to go with them would be great!

  6. Rebekah

    My oldest has some pretty big fit issues; I think she spans four different sizes. I would love to have a good fitting block for her so that I can adjust patterns accordingly. Thanks!<br /><br />rebekahricker (at) yahoo (dot) com

  7. Alexa

    I have a tall skinny girl that never fits into pants properly. I&#39;d love to havea go to pant pattern that fit her just right!

    1. Alexa

      alexa (dot) shelton AT gmail.com

  8. Mmmmm...cookies!

    I would love to learn more shirt/bodice skills. or pants or..what a great site. I told Mr. Husband Man that his wife needs those for Mother&#39;s Day.

  9. Sharon

    Oh, I would love to learn how to draft sleeves! I&#39;m always trying to find another pattern that I already have in the same size to swap out the sleeves (which I don&#39;t always have), but it&#39;d be so nice to just be able to draft my own, and make them how I really want them! If I don&#39;t win, I&#39;ll have to go ahead and buy at least that lesson!

  10. Shannon and Betsy @ 2ndstorysewing.com

    A Jacket/coat pattern would be awesome! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 <br />

  11. All Set

    Wow, nice! I like to draft the patters myself, but I&#39;m curious to know more about the similar ways to draft a fitting pant…

  12. ulala

    A summer dress for my little girl!

  13. Nautical Knitter

    I have never seen this before. How cool!! I design on the fly, but this looks like it would be loads of fun!!

  14. Ann Thompson

    A coat! Three sizes would be amazing too. (This is a really good business idea.)

  15. Nicolebergman

    What an amazing website! I think I&#39;d want to draft a coat.<br /><br />[email protected]

  16. the Cavens

    I LOVE their site and definitely need a great basic block like hers to get started. I&#39;d love to design a dress for my girls!

  17. Love In Everything

    Pants! I would really like to learn how to draft and adjust pants patterns.

  18. KHoleman

    I hate drafting bodice pieces! I always mess up the shoulders. The shirt/blouse pattern would help a lot.

  19. Melanie@Crafty Cupboard

    What a great concept! I need a helping hand for drafting sleeves, and collars would be a great know-how too!

  20. Jennifer Lachman

    I would love to learn how to draft shorts and Capri&#39;s for summer.

  21. Angela

    I have the basic pattern blocks for my 2 yr old from CFW but I would love the baby sized pattern blocks! I really want to design some cute baby boy stuff!

  22. Jan

    this is so cool…i would love to experiment with this….for the first project i would start with a girls top of some sort! i never knew anything about this opportunity…thx. so much for sharing!

  23. -C

    I&#39;d love the bodice pattern for some summery blouses and dresses I want to make!

  24. Holly Flynn

    I am so excited to happen upon CFW!! I have two sweet boys, 7 months and 4 years. The possibility of making some cute clothes for them…Oh my head is spinning. I think I&#39;d start with pants, but the jacket…So tempting.

  25. Mae

    I dont have anything specifically that I&#39;d like to learn to draft, all are equally interesting. I would like to find out how to grade a pattern. Then I dont have to redraft the same ones over and over, is that an option?? <br /><br /><br />mae<br /><br />achristie87 (at) gmail.com

  26. Alicia G

    I would love to learn to draft a jacket/coat and have a base pattern.

  27. Tiffany

    I would love to learn how to make some cute pants or learn how to make different kinds of sleeves.<br /><br />tiffanydustan(at)yahoo(dot)com

  28. Erika and Wesley

    I would love to learn how to draft dress patterns and sleeves because I have this idea for a blessing dress I want to make my little girl who is due in July but I can&#39;t find a pattern to match the picture in my head!

  29. Erika and Wesley

    I would love to learn how to draft dress patterns and sleeves because I have this idea for a blessing dress I want to make my little girl who is due in July but I can&#39;t find a pattern to match the picture in my head!

  30. jac.

    I would love to get better at making and drafting dresses for my daughter! I love seeing her in my wonky homemade clothing:).

  31. Cafeli

    I would love to draft and make pants for my kids as they go through them so quickly.

  32. kathy

    I am dying to design some knitwear dresses for my girls!

  33. amy mayen

    I&#39;d like to play with some twists on a basic shorts block pattern.

  34. SaraJ

    I would love to be able to make whatever dress I find online that I like for my 5 year old!

  35. Little Ella Lu

    Drafting pants would be pretty interesting.

  36. GrayColors

    Pants!! For both my boy and girl! They are easy but pockets always get me!

  37. Kathy Flynn

    I have 6 grandchildren, so the possibilities are endless. I would like to start with a dress 🙂

  38. Hayley

    Pants definitely, and maybe a jacket/coat. Thanks for the giveaway! hpickett183(at)hotmail(dot)com

  39. Pascale Germain

    Wow Fantastic site and also really cute! I would really love drafting pants !!! :)<br />

  40. Kristie

    Pants. I have the hardest time finding pants that fit my 6 year old properly. She has a small waist, but mile long legs. This would be so helpful. Especially since evening getting a pattern from the big 3 wouldn&#39;t fit properly.<br />Thanks for the giveaway. <br />[email protected]

  41. Buncobuddy

    My grandson always needs new pants! It&#39;s either because they become short — he&#39;s growing like a weed — or the knees wear out! The pants pattern would be great to use to sew him a bunch of pants. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  42. Mareike

    Oh, what a great chance. I&#39;ve ordered some lessons a while ago but I&#39;m now at a point that I need her basic pattern. I love A-Line dresses and would like to learn more about skirts. Thanks for this giveaway!

  43. Alyssa

    I&#39;m ready to try sewing up some pants, but i&#39;m a little nervous to try it on my own!

  44. Pickled Weasel

    What a cool idea! I&#39;d love to draft a coat from scratch.

  45. sntbosch

    How fantastic! I&#39;d love to be able to draft a coat!<br /><br />sntbosch(at)me(dot)com

  46. Kari Steiger

    A dress! This is so cool!

  47. Dora M.

    I would love to design a jacket and pants for boys! Great site, I am off to spend some more time on it…

  48. EHC

    What a fun site. I would like to design dresses and have reliable patterns, so I don&#39;t have any more epic craft fails at midnight on the Saturday before Easter when I try to make my daughter&#39;s dress from scratch and it turns out funky. 🙂

  49. Petra

    PAnts for my boys, and shirts, and jackets, and coats:)

  50. Rachael

    I love coats, and I especially love a cute coat that flairs like a dress. I would LOVE to draft something adorable (oh, with a hood — I really adore hoods as well!)&gt; Thanks!

  51. Stephanie

    I love this site! I would like to learn more about draft different sleeves into patterns 🙂

  52. Scrap Advocate

    Your blog is a real inspiration to me. Really wish one day, I will be able to sew as well as you. But I know before I get there patterns are really important – I want to start with the very basics. I really loved the 3 types of dress styles. I want them all to practice on!

  53. Jill

    I would love to draft a shirt pattern!

  54. Mary Jo

    I would like to draft pants that actually fit and flatter my kids!

  55. MEC...

    Coats and pants!!very hard to fit properly!

  56. Iemke

    some clothing for my skinny 3 year old 😉

  57. katie

    Oh I would love this!! I really want to learn to create my own patterns!! Having 3 girls I definitely want to learn about dresses–I like the yoke style and would love to add the peter pan collar — oh be still my heart!!

  58. Kristy

    Dresses! I have a 7 month old daughter, and I can see may years of sewing dresses for her in the future.

  59. Falafel and the Bee

    I love making jackets, but would love to know how to draft a pattern for my 7 year old as well as my 13 year old! This is a wonderfully unique giveaway!<br />Thanks for the chance to win…knowledge!<br />~Michelle

  60. Kimberly F

    Wow, that is SO cool! I would love to learn to draft all those things, but I&#39;d probably start with a dress.

  61. Wendy

    I love these patterns/lessons so much!! I want to make some tunics and a jacket for my daughter.

  62. Kathy

    I would love to make all types of dresses for my 3 year old girly girl.

  63. Fancy That Notion

    I&#39;d love to design a dress!!!

  64. Emmanuelle Naud

    I would like to design a new coat for my daugther. I made 2 already using the abbey coat pattern and it was a big hit in the streets of Vienna! Thanks a lot. Emma

  65. thingsforboys

    I wouuld love to design a funky jacket for my son. I made myself a jacket from an old wool blanket once and would love to make one for him, but more like a bomber jacket.

  66. Karina

    I&#39;d love to design a jacket for my daughter!

  67. Chelli

    I need a great basic dress with sleeves. All of my self drafted sleeves always come out wonky.<br />Thanks!!

  68. Nina M. Bradley

    I have some great linen I&#39;d love to make some Capri pants out of for my beautiful daughter and a lightweight cotton shirt to go with them would be great. Also when this was posted Apr23 was my birthday so wouldn&#39;t that be a great birthday present!

  69. Jo

    I&#39;d love to learn to draft boys clothes for my baby nephew… there&#39;s loads of girl&#39;s patterns out there and I always have lots of ideas for things for my neiece, but I get a bit stumped when it comes to the little man

  70. Debbie

    I&#39;d love to learn to draft for a custom fit and also design options. Looks like some really great lessons. Thank you for the chance to win!

  71. Sabrina

    I would love to draft some pants for my 9 year olds. There are lots of options for the under 6 crowd, but not so much the 6-12 sizes. Thanks for the opportunity!

  72. Erin Grover

    I&#39;ve wanted to try this, thanks!

  73. erica

    Years ago this was the first sewing blog I found. I&#39;m so glad she&#39;s back 🙂 I would love to try the jacket pattern, but feel I would get more use out of the dresses.

  74. Mar

    Love this site!!<br />It&#39;s hard to choose but if I had to narrow it down, I&#39;d go for the pants pattern and the lessons on drafting both skirts and pants. Thanks for sharing this great resource!

  75. AMCutler

    I really want to make Jane Austen inspired dresses for my 3 girls for Easter next year so I need the empire dress pattern and lessons.

  76. Andrea Christman

    I am expecting my first grandchild in a few months. I have a complete layette to put together and not much time to do it.

  77. Tiff

    Wow! What a great idea! I think I would try a pants pattern

  78. Rebecca

    I want to stop being scared of drafting sleeves!

  79. Kreatita T

    Would love to design a great coat or pants for my boys

  80. Nancy Brumfield

    I would love to design a princess style dress and a fancy coat.

  81. derya

    a really cute tunic or dress 😀

  82. vernagrace

    I just found this site in the last few days, and the concept is pure genius! I have 2 grandchildren and I use commercial patterns, along with some from on line and I can pretty much say I prefer the ones from online. They&#39;re very straight forward, photographed, and not all kinds of jargon in every corner to make you wonder what you&#39;ve missed.<br />I have a 2 year old granddaughter, and a

  83. cindyann

    I&#39;m trying to find a pattern for clothing I can quilt for my granddaughter. I want to make a long vest with a quilted skirt. THink I&#39;d need some lessons to learn how to draft.

  84. Elisabetta

    I&#39;d like to draft pants, sleeves and closures ^_^ everything would be fine to me :D<br />thank you so much for this nice opportunity, this giveaway is really nice to me!

  85. thimblegirl

    I would like to draft pants and shorts for my granddaughter. She is tall for her age and doesn&#39;t like wearing pants since they don&#39;t fit her well. Thanks for the opportunity!

  86. Mary Lynne

    It would be so much fun to have an idea for something for my granddaughter and know how to turn it into reality!

  87. Emily

    I&#39;d love to design a peplum too small enough for my baby daughter or something really funky for my little boy as there aren&#39;t enough patterns for boys around

  88. naneki78

    Shirts and dresses for my little girl!

  89. Mamma Nene

    I love the pink coat!

  90. Ajaire

    Pants for sure! 🙂

  91. Mater

    Hi, I&#39;d loved to design cool pants for my little boy and the baby boy that is coming. ¡Thanks!

  92. Julia Hobbs

    A dress for my little girl, or maybe a top or pants! 🙂

  93. greendoodle

    oooooh, what a treat! Geez, I think I&#39;d do the blouse projects, as I need help getting collars just right. (but then again, everything they have is tempting!) Heidi

  94. Pink Zipper

    Wow! What an awesome site and resource. I&#39;d love to learn about outwear and dresses. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  95. shahar @ mysewingstudio

    how cool is that…i would love to make a perfect fitting pant for my daughter…hope to win this giveaway…fingers crossed…

  96. Lia Z

    I didn&#39;t know something like this exists! I&#39;d love to draft my daughter an A-line dress with a racerback 🙂 or a tunic with flutter sleeves!<br />

  97. Evie Jones

    I want to play with trousers for my boy…he&#39;s VERY particular…and I have an idea for a coat for my girl that is driving me crazy and needs to be realised. I&#39;m so glad you&#39;ve shared this site with us…and the great giveaway.

  98. april

    I&#39;d never heard of that site before! It looks very cool and reasonably priced. I&#39;d love to try the pants design as well as the tops. Thanks for giving us a chance to check out their website!

  99. april

    I&#39;d never heard of that site before! It looks very cool and reasonably priced. I&#39;d love to try the pants design as well as the tops. Thanks for giving us a chance to check out their website!

  100. kthomas08

    Great site. I&#39;d love to try a blouse pattern.

  101. Amyann6

    A princess blouse or top. I haven&#39;t tried a pattern like that yet! Thanks for this giveaway!

  102. atabanana29

    I would love to make a dress with a peter pan coller!

  103. Phat Quarters

    My eight year old needs a lot of new clothes so i am all over this great little site! THANK YOU for the treasure map!

  104. Becky

    gosh am i in time…i am actually (with the help of a brilliant seamstress/neighbour) sewing a holy communion outfit for my son…but would so like to do it on my own….the satisfaction is amazing…thanks for this chance..

  105. Shachi Sharma

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