Remember how this summer we bought a new (old) house. Well we are still working our way through project after project. Trying to make each room feel more like us. We have this little entry way. Right when you walk in the front door. Most people who have visited think we should knock down the coat closet to open the entry way up more. I am just not sure what we would do with all the coats and shoes we keep in the closet if we got rid of it. (not to mention all the other stuff we are storing in there) So I am embracing it instead.

 You see it is not a very big area. (never mind the little one who didn’t want to leave my side)

 The closet is just so nice to have there, and the living room is really open and bright so it’s not like you are walking into a cave.

 So here is the closet, we started by painting it white since it was a lovely shade of 70’s orange wood. (if you have seen it you know what I am talking about)

 Then since they kind of reminded me of lockers I thought it would be fun to label them. So I cut out words for Coats…

 And Shoes using the silhouette and some cool faux leather vinyl I found at home depot.

 Then the doors had a little something fun.

While I was at it I made a little Hello Goodbye for the door. I kind of love it.
Sorry no full blown tutorial today, I am working like crazy on some big projects, so they will come…