Ok as an awesome reader (yes you) you know how awesome our readers are. Well Lauren of Ruthie Pearl is no exception. When she saw this post (that happened to feature my first attempt at crocheting something since learning to knit and crochet over the summer)she saw that while I am getting into knitting and crocheting I have NO idea how to create a pattern or read on for that matter. Lauren does! Not only can she create a knit patter but they are beautiful fresh modern and amazing! (unlike so many others which is why I mainly sew) So she emailed me with a great idea to collaborate on a design for a knit skirt and she would create the pattern for it. Not only that but she offered to make one for Abbey (you know since I am still learning and I would likely have it done sometime next year 🙂 So we had lots of fun emails where the creative and cute Lauren put together a dream skirt!

Big fat rugby stripes, pockets for treasures, buttons (since everything is better with buttons) and it is in Abbey’s favorite color… purple! Although I am already dreaming it up in every color of the rainbow!

I LOVE everything about how the skirt turned out! It is so comfy and soft! The size was perfect for now and with the soft stretchy waistband she has room to grow. It would be great for the cooler spring weather with the thick tights of legging underneath or come summer even worn plain, since it is a skirt it wouldn’t be overwhelmingly warm. 

I love layering is with different designs and patterns, the bold stripes add that perfect mix-matched look that kids look so dang cute wearing.

I just picked up the sweater she is wearing at a clearance sale at the GAP (my favorite place to find a bargain I LOVE their clothes)I have to say I kind of love the knit wear from head to toe. Makes me want to snuggle with her.

Funny story…So during the photo shoot, I thought we would have a little “fun” you know something other than getting dresses going in the backyard snapping pictures and then being done. So we went and picked out some balloons and we were headed to the park with the mountains in the background amateur photographer me was excited I had it all planned out in my mind. Then we got to the park… there was mud everywhere. I mean everywhere. So back home it was to the backyard, (you know because I am NOT a real photographer and the park was the only idea I had) the balloons were great anyway I love kids and balloons in pictures. Well about 10 pictures in Abbey figured out how to get the knot untied of her wrist… and just like that the balloons were gone. (a few pictures before they were gone you can see that the slip knot had slipped up so it was super loose on her wrist, something I did not notice until editing the pictures later) It was a fun idea anyway.

So If you want to see more details about the skirt from the lovely lady who designed it (and knit it) Visit her post about it here
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Seriously you should check out her other patterns… they are so dang cute!

And if you are like me and dying over the “Shwin Skirt” (and the awesome name ha!) Check out the pattern for yourself!
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