Oh man I had the best 5 day weekend! We do Thanksgiving on Wednesday around here, it started a few years back to accommodate my sister in law who had just gotten married and his family lived here too so they had a hard time deciding where to be on the holidays. We quickly volunteered to celebrate a day early leaving Thanksgiving open to them and it has been the best idea we have ever had. I start cooking on Tuesday and then I spend the entire morning/early afternoon in the kitchen but my Husband always takes either a full or part day off on Wednesday so he keeps the kids entertained and sets up everything. Then we feast, all the family comes over and we have a great evening of food, and games. Then I get to spend the next few days enjoying life with my husband and kids. We eat leftovers, set up Christmas stuff, hung our outdoor Christmas lights, and I may or may not have gotten addicted to Bakery Story on the ipad…. ok I did it got so bad I had to delete it otherwise this blog would no longer exist unless you all wanted to see screen shots from my bakery? I thought not. Anyone else ever get addicted to those things? It’s bad I tell you. Bad. So now it’s all over and it’s time to get back to real life. You know where you accomplish things during the day. So I am starting off really easy. Sharing a simple yet super cozy skirt. I made one for myself even but I didn’t get a picture of me, I did snap a few of the cozy girl. We both lounge around in our super comfy skirts and it makes me smile. I am calling it the Aspen skirt because the print and the cozy feel makes me think of spending time in a cozy snow covered cabin. (a true dream)

 I didn’t snap pictures of the assembly because it literally comes together in seconds and the “assembly” pictures would be the skirt and waist band before they are attached. I followed this tutorial  Changing only a few things. 1 I didn’t want to take the time to finish any edges. So I made the skirt out of two tubes. I folded them in half so the raw edges matched up. (so the top of the brown waist band is a fold and the bottom of the skirt is a fold) then I sewed all the edges together (so you will sew through 4 layers) Then done. And in case you are curious I made the width of the actual skirt just slightly larger than the hip measurement. That way they have a snug but not too snug fit.

 Then that’s it. Abbey wears hers with the sweater leggings. I wear mine with just some regular leggings, since I have yet to find a sweater with large enough sleeves 🙂

so soft and comfy, the perfect additions to any fall/winter wardrobe.