Today is the day!! Can you feel the excitement? Boys sew along day! We are going to spend the next few days sewing up some cute cargos for boys. Of course if you have a girl you could easily make these for a girl as well. The pants have lots of fun details to make sewing for boys fun and exciting! 

The pants have a faux fly, tons of pockets (7 in total) Detailed stitching, knee patches. Boys pants can be fun!

 My favorite may be the back pockets, I love them. So Today will will draft the pattern, and cut it out. For the pants you will need:

  • one pattern (self drafted or you can alter this basic pants pattern)
  • Fabric (for a size 5 I used 1 yard) 
  • Lining fabric (1/8 yard) 
  • Buttons or snaps (I used 6 in total)
  • Thread
  • Optional details, twill tape and embroidery floss

Drafting or altering a pattern
(I used white wrapping paper for creating the pattern)

 If you are self drafting grab a pair of pants that fit well to trace for the pattern. Turn them inside out and fold them so that the front is showing. Then trace around them carefully following the pants. Be sure of a couple things:
That you add a seam allowance to the bottom of the pants.
If the pants have a slim leg make is wider and straight for the cargo style
Be sure the curve of the crotch is laying flat when you trace it.

 Next for the front we will add a faux fly. If you are using the Nowhere Man pants pattern as your starting point you will also want to add the faux fly to the front. Simply sketch the shape about an inch from the crotch point. The faux fly can be about 1 inch wide.

 Here is what the front leg looks like.

 Next let’s add some pockets. Simply draw the shape of the pocket on the pant how you would like the pocket to be.

 The other thing I did for the front pants was I added a knee section. I did this by simply drawing lines across the leg to mark the section they will be cut up later.

 Next draw out the back leg. Lay it out as you did the front but with the back side showing. The back of pants have a higher rise than the back so be sure your pattern does as well.

 Now to make the pattern pieces for the pocket you will want to cut out the little pocket piece from the front of the pants. Then trace that piece.

 Draw the shape of the pocket that you want. (only the little pocket piece will show) Now the pocket facing piece will be just the bottom part of the pattern and for the pocket piece it will be the full pattern piece. You will cut two of both pieces.

 For the back and side leg cargo pocket I cut a large rectangle for the base and then I cut out a flap piece the same width for the flap. These can be any size you want them to be really.

 So now we have a:

  • front leg pattern piece (cut 2)
  • back leg pattern piece (cut 2)
  • front pocket piece (cut 2)
  • front pocket facing (cut 2)
  • flap piece (cut 3 from fabric and 3 from lining)
  • back pocket piece (cut 3 from fabric)
  • Small rectangle for belt buckle (cut 2 or more)
  • waistband piece (which I will give tips about later)
Cutting out the pattern:

 Now for the cutting out cut the front leg piece at the sections you made. (this is option and can be skipped if you rather)

 When you go to cut the pieces out add a seam allowance along the cut lines when you cut them out. (make sure to cut two of each)

 So for the middle section you will want a seam allowance on the top and bottom.

Last for the front pockets I decided to add a double pocket so I sketched it on and then traced the drawing. Cut out two pockets for the double pocket.

Then cut out the rest of the pieces out as instructed above.

Tomorrow morning we will have the regular link party but come back Wednesday and we will start sewing and Thursday we will finish them up!

Let me know if you have any questions along the way, that’s the fun of a sew along to help each other out!

Now you are ready for day two HERE