Welcome to Instagram Friday!
A little glimpse into life beyond crafting and sewing. 
(you know since it does exist) 

 My husband and I got to take a weekend getaway. It was fabulous, the weather was spectacular and on a walk I found flowers budding up everywhere. Yep Spring is here. It’s funny though I have to get used to the fact that the weather is nice, but I keep “fearing” that winter will come back.

 Jude rediscovered his love of chalk. Our little artist has filled nearly every inch of the back steps, front steps, sidewalk… well you get the point.

 Abbey wanted to reach a particular puzzle while I was unable to help her (since that’s how it happens) So she took it upon herself to solve the problem and staked every pillow and blanket she could find until she could reach the puzzle.

 She has done said puzzle 30 times a day every day since. (don’t mind the PJ’s lucky for me there is not a time stamp on the photo so we will pretend it is morning 🙂

 With delightful weather Abbey has taken to bike riding. Especially when Jude is off at preschool.

 While sorting buttons of the purple variety, I saw this “face” looking up at me. BTW what is the deal with a button with one hole? I have a handful and don’t know how to use them…

 Abbey has taken her hello kitty obsession to a new level, I got the kids some masks and Abbey pretended to be Hello Kitty for half the day.

Speaking of dressing up… Spider-man became a leprechaun this week. Jude made the somewhat creepy wig/hat at school and I kind of like his new super hero persona.

So how was your week?