Instagram Friday (spring, bikes and leprechauns)

  1. Margaret

    I've always wondered what the deal was with one-hole buttons too. Maybe a bead could be used on top of one or, if the hole is big enough, the shank of another button could be poked through?

  2. motherof5

    Yes,use a bead,it can look very beautiful.

  3. Wendy

    I've seen them used with shank-style buttons. You put the shank through the hole and sew it in place.

  4. Caityybabyy

    I use them as clasps, the buttons. I thread a thin rope style string through the middle and tie it off on the inside, tightening it, but keeping it looser at the same time, then I add another thread/rope/piece of fabric to the other side, and viola, a clasp! 🙂 Hope I helped!

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