So in my church I am in charge of leading a group of girls from the ages 8-11 (sort of like girl scouts but sadly no cookies 🙂 We plan a big party each quarter which is a ton of fun! (I seriously love these girls) So since I am in charge this quarter we are having a craft day (whoop whoop) The girls are all super pumped, and so am I. I am also in charge of all the decorations. Since it is spring time and a craft day I thought what better than to “craft” a bunch of large flowers to use as decorations. I know I know I am not the first person in to ever craft a tissue paper flower, this is not some ground breaking tutorial, this is just how I made these flowers. 

 Which by the way they make great and quick little photo props. (since Abbey saw the growing “garden” of paper flowers and just had to have one.) So here is how I made these.

 You will need floral tape, tissue paper in whatever colors you like, and floral stems. (I just took the tops off some fake flowers I had lying around)

 Then with several layers of the tissue stacked together cut out a petal shape. For the yellow flower I used more pointed petals, but I also made some with very round petals and you can make them in any size.

 Also cut one long strip. This will be the center.

 Using a hot glue gun I put a dab of glue on the end of the stem. Then wrap the strip around the stem. Twist the strip as you wrap it. (like you are making a fabric rosette)

 When you get to the end secure the flap with a dab of glue. See cute little rosebud looking center.

 Next take your petals and pinch them in the bottom. Then add a dab of glue.

 Stick them to the base of the flower spreading them out as you go.

 Continue layering the petals on until they are to the size and fullness you want.

 Next wrap the base of the flower and the step with the floral tape. Thats all there is to it.

 You can layer the colors and sizes of the petals for different looks.

That way each flower has it’s own unique look. It’s feeling like spring around here with my craft area being overtaken by fluffy tissue paper flowers. I just love it.