It’s the most fabulous time of the week! Link Party time!
Last week was full of loveliness! Since it is KCWC over at Elise Marley I was particularly thrilled to see all the kids clothing. Are you guys playing along? Naturally I spend my week sewing for kids anyway so I am so on board! 

 Skirt as Top shared the brightest most lovely burst of sunshine dress. It is simply amazing! I love the bright color and fun geometric shapes.

 Homemade by Heidi shared this adorable ensemble every detail is darling, I am in love with it all!

 Sew Country Chick made this Circle skirt dress. I LOVE the stripes, the pirate aspect, and the circle skirt (since it is a new love of mine)

New to link parties? That’s totally fine here’s what you have to do:
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the link should look something like this:
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