Before we jump into the link party and features this week I just wanted to share a quick little change up to the Baby Boy Shoe Pattern. It is all part of the baby set I am sharing this week. (the pants from yesterday was the first)So to get it all in this week I thought I would sneak the shoes in now.

 So real quick to change up the pattern and make the shoes two toned (one of the million ways to make the shoes) I just cut the pattern where the middle of the heel would be and I made it two different fabrics (add seam allowance) then sew the two pieces together. Easy.

 Also one quick tip. If you are having trouble with the two sole pieces slipping around as you sew (which I often do) Sew decorative lines through the two sole pieces which gives them a cute look and easier to sew.

 Then finish sewing up the shoes, following the tutorial. I can’t wait to share the rest of the set! Shoe Fabric from my favorite “boy” fabric line Curious Nature.

Ok on with the link party! You guys linked up some absolutely beautiful stuff! I love looking through all the links and checking out all the goodness!

 Like this Amazing Pixie Tutu that Bugaboo, mini, mr.&me shared. Creative, beautiful and darling. This is a yarn project I know I can handle and I LOVE the colors of this tutu.

 Small Birdie shared these super cute bobby pins and paper clips. I think we all know I am a sucker for buttons so of course I saw these and was instantly in love. Time to make some!

The cleaver gals over at Simple Simon and Company made these cute little bunnies. Perfect for Easter, and it just so happens that I have two bunny loving kiddos in my house, so these are nearing the top of the list. 

Thanks for sharing all of your fabulous creations! Let’s keep it going and see what you have in store for us this week!
I can’t wait!

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