Is there anything better then simplistic designs for babies? Ok I admit I am a sucker for them for myself as well (I would totally wear this… if it were a shirt in my size of course the onsie would look ridiculous on me) So in adding to my baby set this week I made a super quick onsie. (I also whipped up some of the bow tie onsies found here)

 I LOVE how it turned out and more so how easy peasy it was to make. And how cute would it look as a sibling matching set? Different colors for each kid… so cute. So here is the quick low down…

 1: Using freezer paper or vinyl (as I have been using these days) make a stencil. I used my silhouette machine to cut the circles but seriously a hole punch would do the trick and you could use the flower shaped ones for a super cute girl design… just saying…
2: Pick your paint. I use tulip brand fabric paint and I mix the colors together to get the shade I want.
3: Paint your circles. I used three colors two were the same color I just added a little white to one to make it a shade lighter, then the yellow really pops. It would be fun to do a rainbow of colors or anything you like really.
4: Peel away the stencil then heat set the design with an iron when it dries. Just place a piece of fabric over the painted design and press for a few seconds then you are done.

Now you have a cute little onsie to go with any little baby outfit.
Like maybe:
Reversible knit pants
Baby shoes

Tomorrow will be the last baby item to finish out the gift set. See you then.