I am making a top pattern, I made it for the new baby, loved it, and decided to make it into a full pattern for the shop. Then I made one for Abbey, and it was too big, so I made another one, it was too small… If fairy tales have taught me anything you would think I would have finally made one that was just right…not the case… I gave up crumpled everything up and threw it in the garbage. Dramatic much? These days yes. Anyway I thought it was time for another free pattern so here is the 0-3 month pattern. (shown above)
I obviously haven’t tried it on my little girl as we are still waiting for her arrival, but it was drafted to be 0-3 months (or newborn)
The directions are pieced together from some of the “attempts” at making my daughter one. So they are not a complete match to the baby one, but I didn’t take pictures when I made the first one. (like an idiot) SO hopefully you can follow along ok with these steps.
Named “hello little girl” (a great Beatles song and what I can’t wait to say to a certain little girl in a few weeks)

1. Shown are the outer pieces cut out if you choose to “color block” the tunic. To do this cut the pattern at the line and then add seam allowances to the top and bottom piece. Cut them out the same as the pattern directs, just in pieces. For the lined top I cut the lining not color blocked.
2. You are going to start by sewing the top and bottom pieces together to make them whole again.
3. Press them upward and topstitch seam if you like.
4. Next sew the sleeves to the front.
5. Repeat so both sleeves are sewn in place.
6. Then sew the back pieces to the sleeves.
7. Then with the front and back right sides together sew from the sleeve edge to the armpit and down the side. At this point you want to repeat all those steps for the lining as well.
8. Next for the outer layer you will sew the zipper in place. Sew the zipper along the right side of the back piece.

9. Then you will sew the zipper to the other side matching up seams for the color block.
10. Then with right sides together sew the rest of the back seam from the zipper down. At this point you want to press the edge of the back lining in 1/4 inch on both sides.
11. Not that the picture shows this very well, but you want the lining and outer pieces to be right sides together. Sew along the neckline to connect both layers. Then turn the pieces right side out. You want the folded edges to be along the inside zipper edges. Top stitch along the zipper edge and neckline. Then sew the lining from below the zipper and down like you did for the outer.
Did you follow all of that? To finish off the dress. Turn the sleeve edges in and sew. Then turn the bottom edges in and sew.
12. For the pocket sew right sides together the two layers leaving a small opening. Then turn it right side out and press, stitch opening closed. I added the bow before I sewed the pocket to the dress. To make the bow sew it the same way you sew the pocket. Then simply gather the center and sew it down to the pocket. Then sew the pocket to the dress sewing the edges and bottom in place.
I hope that made sense… I know it was a pretty random mixed up tutorial, what can I say these days…