Welcome to today’s instagram Friday! (which is short and sweet) Before we get to that I am over at No Big Dill today! I was invited to participate in Chapter 3 of the Once Upon a Thread series which is just too much fun! So come see the Animalia based project I made! Which has been played with everyday since 🙂
Now on with the week, which is being summed up in 3 pictures today… yep it was one of “those” weeks. 

Abbey and her Daddy spend quality time on the trampoline. Abbey loves to see how high they can go. She is by far the queen of the trampoline, she thinks she owns it and I can often find her wondering out there as early as 6:30 a.m. (something to love and hate about summer, early wake ups with the sun)

Our little Jude graduated Preschool. It was comical to see the kids “perform” Sadly I am going to miss those few hours each day that he was away at preschool… but Abbey is glad to have her buddy home all day 🙂

The kids have been loving playing Late last night, this is them sleeping in between rounds.

So how was your week?