Something really simple for you today. A boy’s belt, which really is just a belt and a girl can wear it just the same, this one was just happened to be made for my boy. Cause if you are like me you like belts but you choke a little when you see the price at some places. (20 bucks for a belt? what?) So let’s just make one, for a few bucks.

 You will need some trim, I found this (and a million other styles) in the by-the-yard trim section at Joanns, I got a yard even though I could have used much less. You will also need 2 “D” rings. I found them near the snaps and buckles.

 Then pull one end through both “D” rings.

 Fold the edge under and then fold that flap down.

 Then sew it in place. I sew a square and then an X through the square so it is nice and secure.

Then you weave the other end through the “D” rings so the belt forms a nice loop. Decide the length you want the belt and then trim and fold the raw edge and then sew in place.
That’s it a simple belt that is ready to wear.

A simple and classic look, and so easily adjustable to any size. (Pants are here)