As you know I have been putting together a baby gift set for a friend who is expecting her first baby boy soon. They are a hip couple so I decided it was only fit to make a hip baby set, while staying baby friendly. (comfort is a must) I decided to shrink the maxwell shirt pattern down to baby size.

 I started with the 12-18 month size and then using an old baby shirt I had on hand I trimmed the pattern down to fit the 3-6 month size. Then I made the shirt the same way as the pattern using the button tab for the smallest size and the pockets for the 12-18 month size I just folded the sides in a little extra so it wasn’t way to big. It was surprisingly easy to shrink it down, and everything looks cuter in a mini size. 🙂
I used fabric from the Curious Nature collection for the accent.

 I love the way the shirt turned out, the buttons make me smile 🙂

 It rounds out the “Urban baby set” quite nicely.
64 Square Baby quilt
Reversible knit baby pants (with PDF pattern)
Two Tone Baby shoes (with PDF pattern)
Simple dot onsie
Maxwell top pattern

Now quite a few of my testers said the most challenging part of the Maxwell Pattern was figuring out how the collar and front facing come all together. As with many things actually seeing something being done is 10 times easier than looking at a picture and reading about it. So I enlisted the help of my husband to put together a video tutorial walking you through the collar and facing.

Also making a video tutorial was kind of fun, so my question to you is do you love them or hate them? Is there something you wish there was a video tutorial on?

*Also please excuse the fact that a few parts cut out a little early we had a few filming glitches 🙂