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 We got back to basics this week and pulled out the classic games. Candy Land is always a favorite. (Even old man Sampson got in on the fun…oh he is our dog)

 Abbey and I went shoe shopping one afternoon. I hate kids shoes, none of them stay on her feet which is annoying, and if they are too hard to get on then she hates them so we always go mary jane style. She just needed some neutral shoes, she thought black shoes were for boys so we agreed that she could get these hello kitty shoes if she also agreed to get and wear the black ones when needed. It only took us 4 stores to find her size and a good style for black shoe.

 We walk to pick up Jude from school, it’s only a few blocks so it’s not a bad walk but it can take a good 30 min with this girl in tow, she has to pick and blow every dandelion, she has to stop to see the horses, climb on a rock and sing a song and put her hand in the chain link fence along the way. Want to stop and smell the roses? Walk anywhere with this girl.

My husband got a new job (which is a good thing) but it means instead of being home by noon (he used to work on a European team working European hours so he worked 3.am to Noon) He now works normal hours and this means we wait for him to come home for dinner. This particular night the kids decided to tell me all the reasons dinner looked gross, or why they wouldn’t eat it. I love kids who taste with their eyes 🙂 

We went out for date night. I choose the wrong night, the Oakland A’s are doing really great this year. (like really great) They won an impressive game (it ended before our date) The A’s fan… followed along on twitter about all the after game buzz. (He did finally put the phone away and we had a great date, just so you don’t think he is missing every romantic bone in his body) I grew up in a baseball loving family we went to the Twins games all the time (including championships whoop whoop) I married a man into every sport but baseball. Then it happened he went to his first game. The A’s He was in love. I think it is great, just maybe not on a date 🙂

So how was your week?

Oh also I am guest posting over at Kiwi Crate Blog again today… Come check out our Caramel Apple Monsters. The kids all time fav!