Welcome to this weeks link party! That wonderful time of the week that you share all the greatness you have been working on and I can feel guilty about all the things I am not getting done… Ok just kidding, but friends I am loosing steam…I have currently 4 projects cut out, fabric for 5 others sitting there starring at me and 3 projects crying in the corner because they are done and wanting to be shared but I have to write the tutorial for and well I have a severe lack of motivation. 4 weeks folks… 4 weeks and I am done cooking this baby, which is both pressure to finish things before that day arrives, and hoping and praying that I find my old energy again after this energy sucker exists my body… (yeah right) So my rant is over, hopefully some great projects will come your way, along with the Holiday gift guide! Yep it’s that time and Thanksgiving recipes! Are you cooking this year? Me too! (maybe it will induce labor ha!)
Here are my favorites from last week’s link party: 

 Sew Country Chick shared too much cuteness for one computer screen. Well that’s what I would call it, she called it a little fox and a little smock. Both too cute for words… and that headband too… so cute!

 Cath Grace shared this coat she made for her daughter. I love everything about it, the fabric, the color, the design and look at those super cute fox pockets! Ah, it’s love!

Not to leave out the boys in our life. The Land of K.A. has been rocking out some boy looks lately, I love the details she adds some rocking details, check out the leather detailing…

So let’s see what you have been up to this week!

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