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I love decorating for Christmas! Hanging up all the decor, decorating the tree, and having that holiday aroma from the scented pinecones. It’s heavenly. However I have always had one problem. I love our fireplace, but we don’t have a mantel… so sad. Mantles serve one purpose for me, hanging stockings. We have actually never had a mantel since we have been married, we are moving in the right direction now that we at least have a fireplace, but I needed a solution for hanging my stockings. So I was excited to team up with Dollar General Holiday décor they challenged me to decorate for the holidays using their Holiday Decor section. I knew I first wanted to solve my problem so like any good DIY-er, I was hunting for a solution.

I found these great ornaments that had clips on the back, and I knew they would be perfect. I also got some magnets. Then I went to work. I used hot glue and glued the magnets to the back. I stacked a few so they ornament wouldn’t be right up against the metal screen. Then since our Fireplace screen is metal (as most are) the magnets stuck right to the metal. I used the clips to hold the stockings. No damage, just remove the magnets when Christmas is over. 

And now I have a happy fireplace with the stockings all hung just where they should be, even without a mantel. 

I also had the pleasure of shopping for some general decoration, which is good since our dining room shelves needed a little help in the holiday department. I picked up some garlands, decorations, and plotted flowers to get the job done. I added the garland for some nice greenery and stuck the decorations in it. Then I simply added the potted plants and the shelf was all decked for the holidays. 

I loved shopping at the Dollar General since I knew I was getting a good deal, and they had a great selection, from ornaments, to wrapping, to trees, and garlands. They had everything you could need for your holiday decor. 

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