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DIY Magnetic Stocking Holders {decorating with the Dollar General}

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  1. @lliE

    I bought my 1st Christmas tree at The Dollar General. I used it for many years and loved it!

  2. princess

    I have the same problem, too! I do not have a mantel! Your idea is perfect!

  3. laura

    When I was teaching school, $ general was where I went for holiday classroom decor, and much of it is now used in my home! I think they always have cute stuff! [email protected]

  4. Merworth Family

    I like to get some of our stocking stuffers at Dollar General. I especially browse the kids books. <br />tmerworth at gmail dot com

  5. Mandy B

    They could help me with the ingredients to make Christmas cookies with my children. I can&#39;t wait to do sugar cookies and have them help decorate them!!<br /><br />2u3mommy at gmail dot com

  6. Katie

    I always struggle with mantel decoration, and I just love a pretty mantel at Christmastime!

  7. Jaclyn Davis

    I was eying their decoration the other day. I&#39;d love to add to our village collection. Thanks!

  8. Juanita Ramirez

    Perfect for last minute decorations!

  9. Corry

    This would be a great topic for my craft and hobby blog <a href="; rel="nofollow">Scribbles</a>

  10. Mami2jcn

    Dollar General would be great for stocking stuffers! The kids get so excited about their stockings.<br /><br />mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  11. Mel

    I actually picked up a couple of their little village houses? They&#39;re smaller than my village we&#39;ve been building for years… but we&#39;ve sprayed them pearly white and are considering *snowing* them? to use as part of the centerpeice on the christmas table settings. Making a new muslin ruffled table cloth and burlap and muslin placemats and napkins, too!<br />

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