Ok guys it’s here! Something I have been working on for quite some time, but finally everything came together (except my two clown models who thought they were sooo funny showing off their pj’s) It’s the last free pattern of the year! What better than to have some Christmas Pajamas? We have been having a Pajama-Rama around here over the past 5 weeks I have made each kid 4 pairs, and still have some cut and ready to sew, (although I doubt they will be finished before the arrival of this baby). So if you’re looking for some cute clothing to keep you cozy this winter, why not try out this pattern?

So to share in the Joy of this holiday season, instead of just having you draft your own pattern. (which is easy to do I followed some old worn out hello kitty pajamas for mine 🙂 I have a free pattern for you today!
The pattern is roughly a size 4T. (shown on abbey) She is long in the leg but short in the torso, and pretty lean, so I did make the pattern to fit her, but I would say it is pretty spot on with a 4T. For Jude who wears a 6, I just lengthened everything, made the legs longer and then torso longer and the sleeves longer. They are wearing the same width, so adjusting the pattern should be pretty easy for you.
Instructions to sew the top are below
(you may recall when I shared simple pajama pants awhile back, the pattern pieces include pants and you can sew them up any of the ways found in the old post)

Sewing the Pajama top is easy:
1. Sew front and back top pieces together at shoulders
2. Sew front and back facings together at the shoulders

3. Sew (right sides together) One collar to the neckline of the facing.
 One collar to the neckline of the bodice pieces. To do this start by matching the middle of the collar with the middle of the back and work your way out to both sides. The front will be longer than the collar.  Clip the curve of the neckline and press collars upward
4. With right sides together match up the facing and the bodice pieces sew along the edge.
5. Clip corners, and curves and cut a notch where the collar and bodice meet (careful not to cut through your stitch)
6. Turn facing to inside. Press and top stitch in place.
7. With right sides together add sleeves to arm curves. Add pleats if you use the girl sleeve, skip pleats if you use boy sleeve.
8. With right sides together sew from sleeve edge to arm pit and then down the side. Then hem the bottom edge up by turning it in twice and sewing in place, and hem sleeve edge by turning it in twice and sewing in place.

9. Lastly add your buttons and button holes. I actually opted for a single row, but I considered doing a double row (hence the picture)

Now you have some sweet new Christmas Pajamas. For the ones Jude is wearing in these pictures I also added a chest pocket but simply cutting a square and sewing it on, with an added applique of the pirate ship. I also used a contrast fabric for the facing just for fun. Abbey’s got a little ribbon bow at the ankle, which is hard to see in most the pictures but it was a fun little detail.

Both kids were pleased as punch to get a stack of new pajamas. Something they normally open on Christmas eve, but this year it cam early 🙂

Enjoy making some cozy Pajamas!