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Vintage Tea Dress {re-post}

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  1. Олеся Ершова -Москвина

    Очень красиво!Люблю винтаж!!!!Очень нравится Ваше рукоделие!Спасибо за МК.<br />С Наступающим Новым Годом!!!Огромного вдохновения и творческих успехов!!!

  2. kristin

    oh man i just love seeing that spring sunshine and sweet dress again! thanks so much once again for being a part of vintage may!! 🙂

  3. Simple Simon & Co

    This is dress was one of my favorites of yours from this past year. It&#39;s adorable. Enjoy your little one.<br />liZ

  4. Maarten Gubbens

    This dress is so incredible, i adore it…<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Fashion Online</a><br />

  5. jensathomewfiggy

    I love this little dress! I have a baby boy, but oh if the next little one is a girl, she will be wearing this! Thank you for this post!

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