Well she finally arrived! In what was surely the “longest” wait with the most (4) visits to Labor&Delivery only to be sent home in fake labor… Little Penny LaRue finally made her appearance on December 21st. Much like her siblings when she was ready to come she didn’t waste any time. After 2 hours of labor and 3 min of pushing she entered the world bright eyed and happy. 
Our dear friend Olivia designed the most perfect birth announcement for us, taking into account our love of the Beatles while keeping things fresh and clean. She is amazing you can see more of her beautiful work HERE

 The girl has been a dream come true. We snuggle all day, she sleeps all night, waking up only once to be fed. I am afraid that all of that will change so I am enjoying it all while it lasts.

 The girl never cries, and is truly the peacemaker of the family. We feel blessed to have her.

 And Jude and Abbey simply adore her. They love trying to get her attention, and helping in every way they can. They just can’t get enough of dear sweet Penny, and we have been loving the holiday season to spend lots of time together as a family.

Blogging will be getting back to normal soon. There are some fun planned posts coming up, but for now I am enjoying every second with this little girl, and recovering as best as can be expected.