Introducing our new little girl

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  1. Eva {Tales of the Scotts}

    Congratulations! She is beautiful!!!

  2. Empório Cogumelo

    Coongratulations!!!!<br />She is a little princess like her sister 😉

  3. Toni-Maree

    Congratulations! She is sooooo gorgeous 🙂

  4. nähtina

    What a beautiful Little Girl.<br />Congratelutions, <br />Enjoy your lovely newborn,<br />

  5. Straight Grain

    Waw, what a beauty! She&#39;ll be a great model for all your creations 😉 Congratulations, Shauna!

  6. Frances Suzanne

    Ohhhhh, I&#39;ve been waiting for this post! She is PRECIOUS….and those pictures are fantastic… Rest, recover, and enjoy every moment with your newest addition!!

  7. mjb

    Congratulations:) Beautiful family!!!

  8. Chelli

    Love her name! Congratulations on your new daughter. Can&#39;t wait to watch her grow.

  9. Jen@thecraftingfiend

    congratulations! she is beautiful !

  10. Suzanne Winter

    She is gorgeous and I just love her name! Congrats to your whole family. Baby girl is generally the peacemaker of our family too ;o)

  11. Lucinda Poel

    Heartfelt congratulations! What an awesome Christmas blessing:) And to have a baby that doesn&#39;t cry . . . can I confess I&#39;m a tad bit jealous? Enjoy your sweet Penny!

  12. kate

    She&#39;s so sweet!! Congrats again! 2 hours of labor?? Amazing! We did 3.5 and I thought that was fast!

  13. DolceDreams

    Congratulations, she is BEAUTIFUL!

  14. Nancy

    Congratulations to you and your family, Penny is exquisite!

  15. Heidi

    Congratulations! What a precious, sweet baby girl! Welcome to the world, Penny!

  16. Brittney

    congratulations! what a magical time. and the name &quot;penny&quot; is precious.<br />-brittney<br />http://smartgirlstyle.blogspot.com

  17. Els KaatjesVerhaaltjes

    congratulations!! Wonderfull girl!

  18. kristin

    TWO HOURS! So awesome. 6 felt super speedy to me; it makes total sense you had the &quot;false&quot; L&amp;D trips, you knew you couldn&#39;t waste any time just in case. 😉 Anyway she&#39;s super adorable and it&#39;s so cute seeing your big kids with her. LOVE the name Penny, too!

  19. Simple Simon & Co

    Oh babies! She looks wonderful. <br />liZ

  20. Heartmade Creations

    OMG she is darling! What a gorgeous picture perfect little baby. Welcome to the world Penny!!!

  21. Toni Barsi

    Congratulations! Aren&#39;t those quick labors wonderful? Penny is just so precious, and I Love her name! LaRue is my grandmother&#39;s middle name and we tried so hard to find a way to use it for our daughter. Unfortunately it wouldn&#39;t work with our last name. But when I told my Gram, she said &quot;Why would you want to do that? It&#39;s terrible, and I never liked it!&quot; LOL &quot;It&#

  22. Adela & Josh

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  23. folkhaven

    She&#39;s just perfect! Congratulations. 🙂 (I only hope my labor and delivery go as quickly in a couple of months!)

  24. Sabrina

    Congratulations! She&#39;s lovely &amp; don&#39;t you just love how much the siblings love the new baby?! I wish I had nurtured that more with my last. Enjoy your babymoon!

  25. Vanessa@Designs By Sessa

    Awww! What a fun name AND we have the same birthday!!! December 21st is great! My mom always kept my gifts separate from Christmas and on my half birthday in the summer she always did a little something special, since not all my friends could always come to my birthdays due to Christmas! As I got older, she continued it and always had a new outfit on my bed or something simple like popcicles! 🙂

  26. Sew Much Ado

    She is so precious! And her name is fantastic! Hope you are feeling well :).

  27. Max of Max California ★

    Shauna she is so beautiful! Reading this post made my milk come in! ahhaah

  28. Heidi

    Congratulations! What a beautiful baby girl 😀

  29. daniKate designs

    Oh my, she is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations on your newest addition!! Oh, and I absolutely LOVE the name 🙂

  30. Lissa

    Welcome Penny! Penelope and Penny are &quot;one&quot; of my favorite names. AND you were born on MY birthday! It&#39;s a great date. It&#39;s almost always the winter solstice – the shortest day of the year, but I always felt like a snow queen with a birthday so close to Christmas. It might be hard when you&#39;re young, your birthday might be the same as your piano recital – but as you get older

  31. Emily

    She&#39;s perfect! Congrats!

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