The Good the Bad and the Ugly (behind the scenes)

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  1. Mary Jo

    Great post! So fun to read! Your finished looks were SO beautiful – all of them!

  2. zoeope

    I love everything, even the shirt you thought was just ok. Your daughters week 4 dress was my favourite though. All the best in the results

  3. sweeter than cupcakes

    It's amazing to think of all the clothing that didn't "make it." The photo drama always hits at exactly the wrong time.

  4. Frances Suzanne

    Thanks for sharing the good, bad, and ugly….. LOVED hearing a little more about the "behind the scenes" of PR&P All-Star season. It's been great, from beginning to end!!

  5. christina

    call me crazy but i love those sailor pants! great job on all of them:)

    1. GrayColors

      I really like the sailor pants too!!! Haha was just thinking "i have some navy chevron too!" Haha

  6. Max of Max California ★

    Oh my gosh their faces in that last corner photo! Jude is UNAMUSED BY YOUR SHENANIGANS!<br /><br />Amazing post, I love sharing my hiccups too! {I do love those sailor chevron pants though!}

  7. Dagny

    I can hardly believe you went through so many pieces for week 2. It makes me feel a little better when something I try to make up comes out wonky. That last picture of the two kids is hilarious. I bet they&#39;ll love looking at them when they&#39;re older.

  8. Falafel and the Bee

    Thanks so much for sharing your process! It is actually nice to see that everything you touch isn&#39;t immediately perfect. I also could totally relate to the weird things that happen when you are trying to get a decent photo. LOL Especially here in the Pacific Northwest where it rains all the time.<br />Good Luck!<br />~Michelle

  9. CicelyIngleside

    As a beginner, sometimes I get quite discouraged when things don&#39;t turn out as nicely as I hoped, so it is really reassuring to know that even the experts who produce such amazing looks as those you did for this Project Run and Play (I LOVE the chevron look especially. I want to make it for myself.) also go through trial and error.

  10. kristin

    I love posts like this – thanks for the behind the scenes! And good luck in the finale, your looks were both so fresh and fun!

  11. Melanie@Crafty Cupboard

    How funny! I love seeing all the creative processes that go through a designer&#39;s mind. I am so glad everything worked out in the end though, with all of the looks! It was all incredible, I am floored you did it all with three kids… one being a newborn. You get extra points!

  12. Simple Simon & Co

    I love this post. It&#39;s awesome!<br />Thank you so much for participating in PRP—we love you.<br />liZ

  13. {jen} iCandyhandmade

    What a great post. Thanks for sharing…<br />You are awesome. I am still drooling over your week 1 look… was my favorite!<br />

  14. Nushrat Khan

    They are just too cute! and your design ideas are amazing!

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