Today I made something new. Something I have never made before. Guys I made a hat. Yep a real legit, something you would buy hat. I was pretty super excited when I saw that Heidi from Elegance and Elephants released a Fedora Hat Pattern. I mean seriously how cool! Then she invited me to be part of the tour and I was thrilled! Then I was terrified. I had never made a hat before. Like ever. I worried that it was going to be too hard or that I would royally mess it up. Then I got really scared because Heidi’s hat on the cover is beyond beautiful.

 But you know what I just went for it. Heidi’s pattern is beyond perfection. I think it may be dummy proof. If you follow her pattern you WILL have a beautiful hat it’s just that simple. And if you are like me and you are a rebel and sit down to sew and realize that the chambray you really want to use is not ideal, and then you find out that instead of heavy weight interfacing you have mid weight interfacing but instead of running to Joann’s on coupon commotion day when you will sit in line for an hour you just decide to go for it. You will still have a beautiful hat because the pattern is just that awesome, BUT,  perhaps a little more floppy than it is supposed to be 🙂 Jude doesn’t mind though. He loves his hat.

 He said he was like a cool Indiana Jones, which is clearly pretty cool because this 6 year old boy ranks Indiana Jones up with the likes of Batman, and Luke Skywalker. (ironically not hans solo) So yeah it’s pretty cool. I love the fedora style, it’s cool and casual and totally hip for little boy style.

Also Jude (our big headed child) has a larger head than me even and we share the X-large size. No real surprise I find most of my head wear in the kids department 🙂 So if you are wanting to add some super awesome style and are looking for the perfect hat, seriously look no further than Heidi’s pattern. She also has some super cute clothing patterns and everything is so perfectly explained. I am just in love with them, she does a great job! You can also follow along with the tour to see all the cool fedora hats, because let’s face it they will all be pretty rocking!

You can also save 15% off the price of the pattern during the tour (ending Sep. 27th) Just use the code: FEDORA15