We are going to continue with our sew along. I love hearing that you are sewing along, I kind of imagine that we are all hanging out making stellar clothes for our little ones together. So if you are joining us a little late no worries you can catch up with drafting and cutting out the pattern HERE. No let’s get started in what will seem like the worlds longest tutorial, and this is only a part of the sewing, but I promise it comes together pretty fast it is just pretty detailed. So here we go…

 Take your front leg pieces and sew them together. Sew right sides together. (it’s really hard to see the pieces laying on top of each other but it’s there)

 Then press the seams and top stitch each seam. I did a double row of a top stitch, or you could use a double needle but I didn’t want to keep switching while sewing so I just sewed two rows. (you are looking at the back)

 Next sew right sides together the facing to the front of the pants. Sew along the curved edge (the white lines)

 Clip the curve. I use pinking shears to cut along curved edges it’s a super easy way to clip the curve.

 Then flip the facing to the back and top stitch along the edge.

 Next we will assemble the pockets starting with the little pocket. fold the top under twice and sew in place.

 Then serge or zig zag stitch along the curved edge to finish the edge.

 Place the little pockets on the bigger pockets and sew along the curved edge to attach it to the big pocket. (the thick white line)

 Then with right sides together place the pocket on the facing. Sew the pocket to the facing only.

 Finish the edge.

 Then you have a double pocket.

 I added some little buttons and random stitches for some details on the little pockets.

 Next with right sides together sew the faux fly and crotch to the point of the curve, together. Then you will also want to sew up the middle of the pant along the line for the pant before you added the faux fly. Clip the little notch under the curve of the fly so it will lay flat.

 Fold the fly over and top stitch along the curved edge. Again I did a double stitch by sewing two lines. (sew along the white lines)

 There you go a sweet faux fly.

 Now the front of the pants are done! Whoop whoop! Let’s ignore the crappy coloring in the picture (crafting at night has it’s issues) One last thing I top stitched along the pocket edge to secure them to the pant front as well as adding a little detail. (totally optional)

 Next sew right sides together the back leg to the front along the long side. Do this on both sides of the leg.

 Now for the back and side pockets. Sew two of the flap pieces together along the side and bottom edge, clip the curves.

 Turn the flap right side out. I also added some twill tape in a loop and top stitched along the tape.

 Then for the pocket piece. Fold the top under twice for a nice finished edge, and then fold under the other sides.

 Top stitch the top of the pocket and then I added an X through the whole pocket for detail. (I only did this for the back pockets not the side pocket)

 Next sew the pocket to the back of the pants. Sew the pocket so it is about even with the front pocket and nice and centered in the back. Sew along the sides and bottom.

 I did a double row of stitching here as well.

 Next place the flap above the pocket facing up. Sew along the raw edge. (white line)

 Then fold the flap down and top stitch along the top edge. Add a button hole to the flap and button to the pocket.

 Do the same with the side pocket, simply center it on the side seam.

 Next with the right sides together match up the back and sew the back curve together.

 Then I top stitched the seam in back.

Lastly (for today anyway) with right sides together sew up one leg to the crotch and down the other. 
whew! Ok it really wasn’t too bad right? If you have any places where you got stuck let me know the fun of the sew along is helping out and sewing along… 
Tomorrow we will finish up with the waistband and finishing details. I can’t wait to see the awesome creations you guys are making! So if you are following along add pictures to the flickr group!