Our next 30 min. project is for my little ballerina. Abbey just started Ballet class a few weeks ago and instantly we became well aware of a serious tulle shortage in our house. She constantly wants to dress as a ballerina and practice. My only complaint with a few skirts we have is that the loose flowing under layer shows off this girls undies all day long with every twirl. So I made a more fitted knit skirt to go under instead.

 Still lots of twirl but less undies, which is good. It all comes together in under 30 min which is also great.

 You will need knit fabric (something with spandex so it has good stretch and recovery) tulle, I used 3 yards which is enough to make 2 really. Stretch Velvet, or elastic of some sort. Scissors.

 For the underskirt measure your child’s waist subtract 2″ then determine the length you want and I cut mine slightly curvy to allow some movement but you can just cut a straight tube to it is for a kid and they don’t usually have curves. Then Sew the two pieces together at the side seams. Done. I didn’t finish any edges because they are knit and it will be under the tulle.

 I cut strips out of the tulle in the desired length of the skirt, so it was 16″X3yards I took two of those and stitched them together to create a huge loop. Then I gathered the top by running a basting stitch along the top about 1.5″ from the edge.

 Quick tip when gathering without a special foot but looking to save time hold your top thread a little while you sew it gathers it up nice and tight saving you time later.

 Now for the waist band. Sew the elastic/stretch velvet in a loop that will comfortably fit around the waist but is tight enough to keep the skirt up.

 Place your gathered skirt over your knit skirt matching up the top.

 Then place your waistband over the top covering the gathered thread. Stretch while you sew in place along the top and bottom.

 Perfect for any practicing ballerina.

And perfect for a time scrunched mom ūüôā