Today’s 30min fix is another pattern (I have a few in store) I find nothing more rewarding than when you can actually sew from a pattern in 30 min. Right? Tell me I am not alone in this thrill. So I finally got the Every Little Thing pattern tested I updated the sizing forever ago and then I totally forgot abut it.  (typical) I always turn to the Every Little Thing. The simple bodice clean lines. Nothing overly complicated. I mix it up a lot, and just love having a great basic bodice to turn to.

**If you already have the Every Little Thing Pattern shoot me an email with your order# or paypal email address and I will send you an update code**

 SO when I put it to a 30 min challenge. I actually failed… Yes I know how dare I even say 30 min it actually took me 40. BUT if you skipped the inseam pockets which I didn’t then I think 30 min is doable. They do take up a bit of time v.s just sewing the sides together in one quick straight line, but you know 40 min is not that bad. (that includes stopping and ironing seams 🙂

 It’s my favorite top and dress. So simple and effortless. It is great for all the seasons since you can layer it with a long sleeve top or put a sweater over the top. I made the dress version for Abbey since she needs some dresses (badly)
Recently I shared on Instagram about the first dress I had made Abbey from the pattern back 18 months ago…

She still wears it today, only as a top since she grows up but apparently not out. 🙂

 So a few things to keep it quick. I only used one large button on the back instead of 3 buttons and 3 button holes only doing one saved time, and it turns out I love the look of one big button. I also skipped the bow and some top stitching which is mainly decorative anyway, but I didn’t skip the inseam pockets since a dress without pockets is just a crying shame.

And now in my 30 min for the day Abbey has a new dress perfect for Fall.

Linen from Michael Levine 

Red cotton print from Joanns

Boots from the GAP fixed in this post