Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland {how to buy fabric online}

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  1. Laura Versteeg

    Seriously, how fantastic are the fabrics you (really all of you) used for this collection?! Outside of knits I haven't played much with ordering apparel fabrics online, just quilting cottons, but I think I need to go there! (As soon as my fabric spending freeze is over lol)

  2. Georgine

    Thank you for this! I don&#39;t have a great fabric store – just Joann&#39;s, which isn&#39;t horrible, but the selection is a lot of fleece and synthetics. I do order fabric, but often I am not sure what I am getting interms of weight (especially knit). I really need to start a swatch book so I can go to it when I need to know what 6oz really feels like.<br />

  3. @lliE from FreshlyCompleted

    Really helpful! I have issues ordering online for all the exact reasons you mentioned earlier. But I&#39;m slowly learning to try it out.

  4. Joy

    Thanks for this post. I have bought quilting cotton online but have not been very sure about apparel fabric. great tips. now I am ready to try it.

  5. Alyssa

    Great tips! I often find myself intimidated by online fabric shopping! I will definitely refer back to this post!

  6. jaimesews

    I order lots of quilting cotton online just because I know what I&#39;m getting. It&#39;s difficult with other fabrics, but you can get some really good stuff if you know what to look for and what you&#39;re ordering.

  7. JessiBerry

    Awesome, this is helpful to know the different things to look for! I sewed with knit for the first time this year! I consider myself more a quilter than seamstress! wovens are totally different!

  8. Natalie

    Shopping online can be frustrating for sure. These are great tips. Thanks for sharing! I wish more online shops would put the info like Mood does.

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