Pattern Anthology Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Tour {Trapper Re-Mix}

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  1. Jlucille

    Loving the bright color. so cute. <br />[email protected]

  2. Meems Seams

    Eeek! Adorable hat…think I might add a closure to the flaps for my girls who are always chilly!

  3. Alyssa

    Cute variation on the hat. Looks adorable on her girly.

  4. Tiff and Meg

    I&#39;m obsessed with trapper hats! So cute!

  5. Allison Miller

    Adorable, my kids need trapper hats now!

  6. Smith Trio

    This is so great, I want to make myself one, too. The blue is wonderfully feminine without being traditional.

  7. Houseful Of Nicholes

    These hats are not only functional but so cute! I would love to make them for my littles!

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