Today’s free pattern is a quick and easy dress. (or tee shirt if you rather) It has two skirt options and is fashioned after some of my favorite dresses from Zara’s, drop waisted tee shirts with skirts attached. They are easy to make and effortless to wear. I happened to make two for Penny who has been in need of some dresses lately.

One I had fun print matching because babies can get away with anything. I used an AMAZING french   terry fabric I picked up from Britex in SF. It’s super soft, stretchy and that print, I mean seriously, and gingham goes with everything. (or it should)

For the second one I made I added the nesting doll appliqué (free pattern from yesterday) I added a gathered skirt to this one for something different, because I love mixing things up.

So if you want the pattern it’s around a 12-18m size I think, maybe a bit on the small side, Penny is 12 months, and pretty small for her age (30%) it fits her about how most 12m stuff fits, and I drafted it based on a 12-18m tee, so it’s somewhere in there 🙂

Free Pattern in size 12-18m found HERE
You will need about 1/2 yard of knit fabric (nice and stretchy)
1/2 yard of a woven fabric (something lightweight is best)

To start sew the front and back together at the shoulders.

Press seams, then have the wrong side face up.

Fold the neck binding so right sides are together and sew the edges so you are creating a band. You should stop here and check that the binding fits over the head. (should fit up to 16.5″ easily)

Then with right side of the binding to wrong side of the neckline pin the binding in place. You will have to stretch the binding to fit and you want the seam to be center back. Then sew the binding in place stretching as you sew.

From the right side of the top press the neck binding up.

Then fold the binding in half and in half again so the folded edge covers the stitch line.

Stitch the folded binding down by sewing right along the edge. (stretch as you sew)

Now for the arm binding. again right side of binding toward the wrong side of bodice. You want the center of the binding to match the shoulder seam ant the ends will meet at the “sleeve end” marking from the pattern. Stretch to fit and sew in place.

Then fold the binding in half and in half again so the fold covers the seam just as you did with the neck. Repeat with other sleeve.

Now with the shirt right sides together sew from the bottom up to the sleeves angle right off the bottom of the sleeve binding.

For the circle skirt match the skirt right sides together with the bottom of the bodice and sew in place. Then hem the bottom of the circle.

For the gathered skirt I cut a rectangle that was 8″X45″ I gathered the top and then sewed the two edges together to make a loop. Then I sewed the skirt right sides together just like the circle skirt.  Then hem the bottom.

Top stitch the skirt and shirt in place if you desire.  That’s all there is to it.

Easily worn with some leggings and boots for a cozy look…

Or tights and Mary Janes for a look that’s ready to party.  (she really liked that bell)


Look One:
Printed French Terry ||  Britex Fabric in San Francisco 
Green Gingham || Joann Fabrics
Polka Dot Tights || Target
Mary Jane Shoes || Target
Bow Headband || Target

Look Two:
Striped Knit || Girl Charlee
Stretch Linen Chambray || Michael Levine
Nesting Doll Applique || Fabric from Girl Charlee || Free Pattern HERE
Leggings || Target
Boots || Target
Headband || Made by me  (just knit fabric tied in a knot)