DIY Carrot Cake Mask

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  1. Jenni Jex

    I bet it smells yummy, too! My neighbor just brought over carrot cake jam for me to try the other day. Now I feel like I should do this facial while I eat some of her jam on toasted bread. 😉

    1. Morgan@shwinandshwin

      Yes, that sounds delicious! You might as well treat your taste buds while you treat your skin 🙂

  2. Jennifer Lachman

    I am sitting here reading this with a turmeric face mask on. I love homemade beauty products. Oatmeal is also great if you run out of body wash one night. It cleans just as well and leaves your skin feeling baby soft.

    1. Morgan@shwinandshwin

      I do love a good turmeric mask but yes, they aren't as pleasant smelling 🙂 Thanks for the oatmeal tip!

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