I have been making Penny some Spring/Summer clothing lately. She has been getting into a lot of Abbey hand-me-downs lately so making something new from time to time is fun. I pulled out the Madonna Ruffle Top Pattern. (Loving the one Abbey wears all the time) I decided to make a summer sweatshirt for Penny.

 I just got in some dreamy french terry from Mood and the color is the prettiest blue I have ever seen, so perfect for spring and the slight stretch but stiffness lends well for the boxy style of the top.

 I made the top following the pattern only I wish I would have used ribbing for the neckline, I went with the french terry so it would match but it doesn’t have great stretch or recovery so the neckline is just a wee bit big on the petite little girl, but she will grow into it. The only other thing I did was adding some lettering to the front I did a little free hand cursive using the Beads in a bottle metallic (basically puffy paint for all you 90’s lovers out there) I love the way it came out.

 Paired with some leggings and a little headband. I love love love the ruffles from the madonna ruffle top. I am not typically a ruffle lover, I like them, I tolerate them but I am not one of those people that sticks ruffles everywhere. Still, ruffles on babies are amazing.

She is so ready for spring!

Top || Madonna Ruffle Top Pattern
Fabric || French Terry from Mood (already seems to be sold out online)
Leggings || Riley Blake navy and white Stripes