Guys it’s summer break! What? Yeah it’s also June! I don’t mean to freak you out if you were like me and blissfully believing that it was still May. What happened to May? What happened to time in general? So it’s June. I have come to grips with this fact. School is out and now I am at the mercy of this boy (7 going on 17)

 So while I was planning out a summer of activities with this boy, I thought hey let’s show you the next piece of the Summer collection. The Glass Onion Tee. So Glass Onion, it’s a lesser known Beatles song, not a huge hit sure but still one of my favorites. (I have several favorites) And much like the other tees HERE,or  HERE it’s a fun play on words. I made it the same way. Only thing I changed is the neck was a little wider because I up cycled a tee and the bodice piece was just a little too big for the front of the tee, so I had to cut the neckline a bit larger, but it still worked. Second “mistake” I forgot to reverse the words and didn’t notice until after I ironed them on, and of course that’s the time they stick so well that I could not peel them off to save my life. Simple fix I added a patch over the wording and added the wording again the right direction. I actually like the look of the patch so it’s a happy accident.

 So, the kid had a lot of fun with the photos. I let him direct the photos and the edits now. So when he says stuff like “I am going to pretend to slip can you add a banana peel on the computer?” Well Jude, Yes! Yes I can! My magic powers have stretched beyond turning fabric into clothing, to making freedom flags, (his choice) bananas…

Even bunny ears appear as if from thin air. That’s right this mom is doing so much more than magically kissing a boo boo and making it vanish or making lunch somehow appear daily on the counter in front of hungry children, my powers know no bounds. I kind of hope my kids always think I am capable of magic. 

Top Pattern || Anytime At All Tee || Shwin Designs
Fabric || Upcycled from a Tee
Graphic || Green Flocked Heat Transfer Material
Shorts || Target
Sandals || Old Navy