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Glass Onion Top || New PDF Pattern

Glass Onion Top || New PDF Pattern

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  1. Sumo

    Oh, I absolutely LOVE this! The back detail is amazing! I forsee some back to school shirts in my girls’ future. 🙂

    1. Shauna

      Thanks! I am stocking up Abbey’s wardrobe too 🙂

  2. sabra at sew a straight line

    Love it! Such a fabulous style and adorable pictures (esp the sad ones)

    1. Shauna

      Yeah the sad ones are kind of my favorite. She is not shy of her emotions.

  3. Amber

    Beautiful! I see where you bought the triangle fabric, but what type of fabric is it? It looks wonderfully soft!

    1. Shauna

      It’s a cotton fabric. It is really soft! Sadly the shop doesn’t seem to cary the exact one any more but I have purchased several cottons from her shop and they are always dreamy.

  4. Stacy

    Love this. Wish it came in larger sizes for my 10 year old.

  5. ivy

    Do you have this pattern in women’s sizes?

  6. Isabella Massi

    Hi there, Ive been trying to purchase this lovely top but the page is not working for me. Would you be able to help me?

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