Yesterday I was dreaming of sunshine…So I guess it’s no wonder that I have had yellow on the mind. A few months back I found a striped long sleeve tee at old navy on clearance for 1 dollar. It was size XXL, which was even more awesome. So I grabbed that (and a few other awesome clearance pieces) It sat in my pile until I thought up the perfect top. That’s when I was drawing with my kiddos and my 3 year old held up his piece of art. A beautiful scribbled mess (uh I mean bad guys…) He wanted it to hang on the fridge. As a looked at his scribbled drawing I thought, why not put a scribble on a shirt? It’s what anyone else would do right? Besides it looks so cute with her button trousers.

I just love the mock-doodle down the front of her shirt…

Want to make your own?
You can make your own shirt, like I did or add a scribble to a shirt you already have.

To start use a shirt that fits well and follow the shirt as your guide for the new top. Follow the top for the sleeves.
If you need more details of how to do that go
For the neckline I made this top a boatneck top. TO do that keep the neckline up higher and the same in the front and back. Extend the neckline just past the shoulder so the neck opening will be just slightly wider.
Then you will also want a neck lining piece which should fit just inside the neck of the shirt. 

For the sewing start by sewing the front and back pieces together at the shoulder. 

Next pin the sleeves in at the arm opening and sew in place.

Next with right sides together sew the top together starting at the end of the sleeve turning under the arm and going down the side.

*A note. If you have trouble with seams breaking due to stretching use a stretch stitch. It looks like a lighting bolt zig-zag on the machine and it allows the fabric to stretch without breaking the seams. 

Sew the neck lining together at the shoulders.
Then with right sides together sew the neck lining to the neck line.

Then turn the neck lining around to the inside and top stitch in place. Then if needed hem the sleeves and bottom of the top. Since I used a larger shirt to make this one I lined it up with the hem of the shirt and the ends of the sleeves so I didn’t need to hem.

next the fun part. I used some bias tape, but ribbon would work fine too. Then have fun making a scribble on the shirt. Pin in place. I made my bias tape stand up on edge a bit. 

Then I sewed only along the bottom edge. as close to the edge as I could so it would still stand up.
*Yes I am using my zipper foot so sew… I broke my other presser foot *sniff sniff* So until the new one comes I am making do.
**also yes the picture is pretty horribly bad the sewing machine lets off a pretty funky yellow light**
Then when the scribble is all sewn in place you are done. Easy right? Fun right?

Then we took advantage of the sun pouring in my bedroom window, since it is too cold to actually enjoy it outside, and had a fun little photo shoot.

The color combo was pretty great with the yellow of the shirt and the brown and teal back drop, with the pops of orange and yellow…

Maybe it is future combo of a scribble shirt? hmmm…