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The Michelle Jacket || DIY Raincoat

The Michelle Jacket || DIY Raincoat

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  1. Rachel

    Such an eye catching jacket!

  2. Allison

    This is so darling. I really love it!

  3. Mikea

    I am so making this!! Then hope for rain haha

  4. christina

    This is a great idea!!! Is the shower curtain one of the plastic ones or one of the cloth ones?

    1. Shauna

      It’s a cloth one, but not the “decorative” only type cloth the almost windbreaker like cloth, does that make sense?

  5. jeanice

    What a cute jacket! How hard is this to sew? I have made scrubs, skirts, and simple quilts. I wondered if I could do it. Thanks!

    1. Shauna

      I don’t find it very challenging, but I created the pattern so it always seems easier to me 🙂 There are button holes, and some assumed knowledge and abilities, although there are plenty of tips to help you through, and I am always happy to help via email. I would say confident beginner. Hope that helps!

  6. ronda

    I made one of these for my daughter for kindergarten back in 1987, It disappeared the first day she wore it. I went down to the school and asked if it had been turned in, asked her teacher it was very unusual for the time, no one had seen it..Two months later I saw the teacher in a mall her daughter was wearing it… I was not aggressive enough to corner her about it, wish I would have been..

  7. Brie

    hi, I recently purchased the pattern And I absolutely love it! The only thing missing is the placement of the buttons. I am new to sewing and had no problems with the pattern, but I don’t know how far from the edge to place the buttons. Help please! Thanks!

  8. Michelle

    Hi! I am looking for a shower curtain to do this and I am wounding about what kind of fabric to buy. Is this the link to the one that you bought? I am trying to find the one you bought so I can figure out what kind of fabric to buy. Thanks so much!

    1. Michelle

      I meant WONDERING, not “wounding”….

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