Ready for another installment of Inspired by the Runway?
This is another look inspired by the team challenge.

Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke

This was not one of my favorite looks from the team challenge, however I was inspired to make a cropped jacket with cropped sleeves and military influences. So I guess you could say I was inspired by the look the Valerie came up with.

(totally not the best picture but it is hard to get a 18 month old to cooperate)

This is the look I came up with for my little fashionista, but you can totally adjust the directions and make one in any size you need. Like I will surely do for myself.

Let’s get started!
You will need:
  • Fleece
  • Buttons
  • 1/8 inch elastic

Step 1: Fold your fleece. On the fold you will cut an L basically. To get the measurements you want to measure mid arm across the back to the same place on the other arm. (this will be how long your sleeves will be) The second measurement take around the largest part of your chest and back. (add an inch or two if you want the jacket to be looser) Now divide both measurements in half since you are cutting on a fold. Then measure from the fold over your first measurement which is the top, and then your second measurement will be the bottom. Then measure your arm opening, so from the top of your shoulder to under your arm, this is how wide you need your arm opening to be but you can add an inch or more if you want. With that measurement you will measure down from your top measurement this creates your sleeve, so you will cut over to where you chest measurement begins and you should have a sideways L like pictured above. How long along the fold you make it is how long you want it, measure from the top of your shoulder to where you want the jacket to end this is your measurement.

Step 2: Taking a shirt that fits well as a neck hole guide fold the shirt in half and line it up with the fold, then cut out following the neckline like pictured above.

Step 3: When you un fold it you should have something that looks kind of like a shirt, like pictured above. you can hold it up to make sure it fits.

Step 4: Now to cut the front of your top, Use your back piece as a guide, place it two (or more) inches over from the fold and cut around it. As pictured above.

Step 5: Then lining your back and top up to each other on one side of the shirt cut the same neck opening on the opposite side of the neck opening you are going to cut your front piece so you have to pieces cut asymmetrical. Your cut should be made where the neck opening would start on the other side. so if you line up your back piece with the sleeve on the other side you will cut straight down from where the neck whole starts (as seen above)

Step 6: Sew right sides together (which is any side really with fleece) sew together the shoulder seams. You will connect the long piece of the front and the short piece at the shoulders but don’s sew the whole long piece down that is your jacket opening.

Step 7: This part is optional but I think it makes for a cleaner collar. I traced my neck opening and then added an inch and a half to it making a “U” shaped piece that should fit on the inside of the neck opening. I cut two of them. Then sew one seam together at the shoulder.

Step 7 a: Pin seam down to the outside of the jacket matching the seams at the shoulder. (as pictured above. Then sew around the neck line.

Step 7 b: Turn collar to the inside and top stitch in place.

Step 8: Fold over and top stitch the long flap on the one side. Also sewing right sides together sew the sides of the jacket together starting at the arm rounding the corner and going down the side. (sorry no picture of that I sped through that step)

Step 9: Cut a rectangle out of the fleece that is 4 inches wide and as long as the front of your jacket. Fold this in half and pin the raw edge against the outside edge of the jacket on the short end, sew in place and then turn the flap out ward and top stitch along the seam (as shown above)

Step 10: This step is also optional but again I think it makes for a cleaner look. Cut two strips about 1 inch wide and as long as the width of the jacket, you can do this by laying down the jacket and cutting it as wide as the jacket. Then sew the strips together and sewing first to the right side of the jacket, then turning it around and top stitching in place (as pictured above)

Step 11: Want cuffs on the sleeves? I did too. Cut a rectangle on the fold that is as wide as your sleeve opening and as long as, well as long as you want the cuff times 2 (you will fold it in half) Cut is out and then sew along the edge that makes it as wide as your sleeve opening.

Step 12: Fold the cuff in half folding the seams together and then place the sleeve inside the cuff so that all raw edges are together and the seams match up. The sew in place.

Then you are done. You should have something that looks a lot like a little motorcycle like jacket. So let’s add some bling. Military bling that is.

I added two little gold button at the top corner by the neck opening on the “short” side of the jacket. Then on the inside of the other flap on the top corner I put two little elastic loops that would line up with the buttons.

Then you have a perfect little jacket that has a little swing in it.

Perfect for making a phone call

Layering for fall looks

Or catching up on some light reading
(tutorial on the lace skirt coming soon)