Inspired By the Runway

Photo credit Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

I hope you are done with the looks inspired by the team challenge because well, they were designing for the new hot trends this up coming fall and the designers were very inspiring so here is yet another look inspired by the Team Military Lace.

It’s a sailor style skirt with a lace front and military details

Complete with ruffled side panels, and gold buttons

You will need:

  • Fabric (I used jersey knit for this one but you can use what ever you like)
  • Lace
  • Buttons
  • Elastic

Step 1: To make the pattern it is super easy you can easily adjust this for any size. (later I will do a tutorial on how to put in a zipper and darts if you don’t want elastic for an adult) Measure around the widest part of the model (typically around the butt) divide that in half and then in half again. For my model this was 20 inches and so my final measurement was 5 inches. Then cut a rectangle 5 inches wide and as long as you want the skirt to be. So for my model this was 8 inches. Then you will cut out a rectangle from one side you can make this rectangle as big as you want really it will just affect how big the side panels end up and how small the sailor style front is. (save the rectangle you cut out that will be the pattern piece for the side panel) Then cut a second rectangle that is 1 inch wider and 2 inches taller than your first rectangle this will be the back piece. (I cut it at a slight angle so the skirt would flair just a little you don’t have to)

Step 2: For me my cream colored jersey knit was really thin and see through which looked cheap so I double layered all of pieces. If you are using a thicker fabric you don’t have to or may not want to double layer. I cut 2 back pieces (on the fold) 2 Sailor front (or upside down T) pieces (on the fold) and with the little rectangle for the side panel cut on a fold with the short side on the fold and make the whole cut a little wider than the rectangle. Cut 2 of those as well one for each pocket. and then 1 sailor front piece (on the fold) out of lace. It should look something like the picture above which is hard to see because my fabric basically matches the counter, sorry about that.

Step 3: First sew right sides together along the bottom hem of the back pieces (if you cut 2 of them) Then turn it right side out and top stitch the pieces together as shown above you should have a nice hem along the bottom. If you only cut one, simply hem the bottom.

Step 4: Lining up your top and bottom pieces so that you know how much you need to fold over to cover the elastic. Basically you will be folding over the top but you want the length of the back to match the length of the front. Sew in place and pull your elastic through. (your elastic should be cut to be the length around just your back when pulled slightly.)

Step 5: Sew your elastic down and both ends and the back of your skirt is done. It should look something like the picture above.

Step 6: Right sides together place the lace front on top of your base. (as shown above) If you are using 2 base pieces layer your other base on top of this piece. So it sandwiches the lace in the middle.

Step 7: Top stitch around the edge not the bottom or side seams.

Step 8: Notch your corners and turn the top right side out so the lace is on top. Top stitch the same seams. (as shown above)

Step 9: fold under the bottom edge and hem it in place so that you have a clean hem.

Step 10: With your side panel using a basting stitch gather both long sides of the rectangle.

Step 11: fold over and sew in place the top edge of the ruffled piece.

Step 12: Pin the ruffled rectangle in place so that the side edge lines up and the top edge lines up. You want a little overlap with the front piece so you can sew it down.

Step 13: sew the rectangle in place.

Step 14: do this for both side panels so that you have something that looks like the picture above.

Step 15: Pin right sides together attaching the front and back pieces at the side seams. Sew in place.

Step 16: Add buttons. And you are done!

Enjoy wearing your creation!