DIY Salt Scrub

DIY Salt Scrub

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  1. Janlynn

    Thanks for this tutorial. I have bought something like this in the past. Now I can make it.<br />Thanks again.

  2. Jayme

    Hello, I&#39;m new to your blog and was thinking of making salt scrubs for Christmas gifts this year. Do you have any suggestions about where to find a variety of essential oils?

  3. Anonymous

    These are a great idea. How well do they &#39;keep&#39;? Do they need to be stored in a special way ie. fridge, cupboard?

  4. Shwin R

    You can get many essential oils at Whole Foods or a nutrition store. Also and you can find great deals on ebay. <br />For storage I would suggest storing it at room temperature, the salt will keep it from going rancid so they last for a long time, I have had some I made over a year ago and still great!

  5. rebecca

    do you use all the essential oils listed, or just one per jar???

  6. Shwin R

    Just one essential oil per jar, or you can experiment with different blends. I love Peppermint/Tea tree, Orange/Lemon or my face scrub is a blend of lavender/Tea Tree.

  7. Create It Fabulous

    Awesome i cant wait to make this! Thank you for sharing!! Now the almond oil, grape seed etc is those little cooking bottles or something else?

  8. Shwin R

    I bought my oil from whole foods and it came in a cooking oil type bottle. Depending on the store they can range in size from 4 ounces to one liter. You will typically find these with the cooking oils.

  9. diy.craft.list

    Hi,<br /><br />Just asking if I could link this tutorial on my blog:<br /><br />Thanks,<br />Laurel.

  10. Shwin R

    Yes, that would be wonderful!

  11. Jamie

    Thanks for posting! Your skin looks great, and mine not so much right now. Any way you&#39;d like to share what you personally use for cleanser/toner/moisturizer?

  12. Shwin R

    Thank you, that&#39;s sweet of you! For my skin care products I use two different cleansers depending on my skin condition. A tea tree bar soap (from the basin) for everyday (cleanse twice both morning and night) and when my skin is troublesome I use a salicylic acid cleanser from image. I recently made a toner that I love and will have the tutorial for that next week. For a moisturizer I use

  13. Sassy

    Can you use Olive Oil? I have seen some recipes that use it. I&#39;m broke and have no money to go buy more oil. LOL

    1. Shwin R

      Olive oil is a heavier oil which can clog pores but as long as you cleanse well after use you will be fine.

  14. molina

    Thanks so much for sharing. I just made my salt scrub and the lemon toner!! Cant wait to star using them!! I will let you guys know how it went!

  15. Angel

    I am always looking for more great natural recipes like this one. Love it! I use essential oils for about everything. Don&#39;t forget the quality of the oil matters and you will get what you pay for. Since I use them so much I became a distributor at These oils are high quality and distributed in a little town in KS. Try them, you will not be disappointed.

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