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 Today I bring you yet another very patient child, so I can show you how to cut boys hair. This time it is my son and I am pretty lucky with him because he LOVES getting his hair cut. This makes cutting his hair really easy, however bribery does wonders to get kids to like getting their haircut. The more they like it the more likely they are to sit still and behave. In my years I have a lot of experience with screaming children and the best advice I have is if they are screaming and mad, don’t do it. Wait until they are in a better mood and make getting a haircut  something fun and rewarding. So shall we move on to some basics for cutting and blending boys hair? (the same tips can work for men’s hair as well)
Again I encourage seeing professionals for your haircutting needs. However especially when it comes to boys it may seem you are taking them in to get their hair cut every few short weeks. So maybe you resolved to give your kid a basic buzz cut, well here are some tips for how to cut boys hair that will maybe improve your home cutting skills or for those who are wanting to do it at home but don’t know how maybe these pointers will help. 

You will need:


The basic boys crew cut. 
First wet the hair. (this will not be the case if you use a clipper on the sides and back instructions on that later)  For my cuts on my son I just cut the sides and back with scissors. Either way I am going to show you how to blend a cut right now. 
So carefully cut around the ears as shown. You can also use a trimmer for this part if you want. I like scissors. 
Then follow around the back cleaning up the neck line. You can fold the ear over so you can cut along the side. 
Next the blending. Place the comb against the head and comb upward. Once the bottom layer of hair falls down from the comb (as shown where the hair by the side burns is) You will cut away the hair that is left on the comb.
See how I cut running my scissors against the comb?
(if you used a clipper on the sides you would still follow these steps for blending you will just start at the line where you clipped up to) 
See the hair is cut away.
Continue combing up the head and cutting once the last layer drops down from the comb. 
Ok now for blending from the top down to the sides. You do this by holding your fingers at an angle that rests on the head. (so that you curve with the head) See how there is the blended hair and it all goes up to a point? 
You are just going to cut that point off. 
See how now it is cut straight? Do this all around the sides and back to blend your cut.
Next we move on to the top. Basically you hold the hair between your fingers and decide how long you want it to be. 
Then cut into the hair kind of notching it. See how I twisted the scissors? This makes it more of a textured cut so it doesn’t look all bowl cut like or kindergarten cut. 
Keep moving back on the head, cutting it all the same length or as I often do get a little shorter as you move back on the head. Make sure if you come across any points like the picture above…
You cut them off. That is how you can be sure your haircut is even, there shouldn’t be any points. If you see any spots that don’t look blended right there is probably a point in there. Use one of techniques I showed to make sure it is all even and straight. 
And there you have it a boys crew cut. That can be worn simply combed off to the side for a little gentlemen’s look
Or add some pomade (I like crew fibers best) or gel and give it a little spike
Either way he is sure to be darling 

A few last tips…
If you are a clipper cut person here is how I suggest you cut the hair…

  1. Clipper the sides and back with desired length. For the sides clip to about the temple, and follow that line around the head. 
  2. Then wet the hair
  3. Cut the hair on top of the head first
  4. Then blend from the top down to the sides (as shown above)
  5. Then finish by blending the sides from the clippered part to the scissor cut part as shown above
  6. Then trim around the ears and back neck line. 
  • If you are cutting really thick hair that is not blending well for you, use a thinning shear (it looks like it has teeth) and place it against the hair and cut the areas that are not blending well. Sometimes removing some of the bulk helps it to lay better. DO this slowly so you don’t end up with a hole. DO NOT over thin. 
  • If you are dealing with tough cowlicks or swirls. These can be handed two different ways, You can cut them shorter to shape them to the head shape and then they blend in and go away. (however grow out can be rough) Or you can leave them longer so they don’t stick up, if they have more weight (length) they are likely to behave better. 
Ok done with the Boys crew cut post. I hope you find any of these tips helpful. If you have any questions feel free to ask I will answer them the best I can. 
I am still figuring out what my last hair post will be if you have anything you were hoping for help with in regards to hair let me know. Until then I turn the time back over to my sister with some more fabulous skin help.