Hair and Skin week wrap up
Today is the last post for our Hair and Skin week
Re-cap? Glad you ask! This week we had tutorials for…

And now I bring to you the final installment 
Women’s hair tips.

Picture from L’Oriel

 I thought I would share a few color tips. I mean let’s face it the home hair coloring market wouldn’t be a 1.54 billion dollar industry if no one was coloring their hair at home. So for all of you who do color your hair at home, here are a few tips for better results. 
I of course still suggest seeing a professional. 
(after all once upon a time that is how I made a living) 

So tips for today:
  • Highlighting (or using foil)
  • Retouching color
  • Bangs (cut and trim)

Highlights First

To do a highlight here are some things I suggest, although  do foil my own hair I don’t reccomend it. Find a buddy to practice with. For the tutorial I used my amazing sister in law for my model, we didn’t actually do a color for the tutorial I just used conditioner which is great for practice if you are trying to master the technique. (and very hydrating for the hair) Please if you can at least go to Sally’s beauty supply or some other beauty supply store to buy your color.  Here’s why:
  • You don’t need a license
  • You can have help picking the right supplies and color
  • It is tailored for your hair 
  • It hardly costs more
  • It is easier on your hair
  • You will have better results
Ok so now what you will need:
  • Foil
  • Rat tail comb (has comb on one end and tapered edge that comes to a point on the other)
  • Color bowl (or any non-metal bowl really)
  • Color Brush (looks like a paint brush
  • Foil (if you will foil your hair often buy the pre-sliced sheets at the beauty store, otherwise kitchen foil is fine)
  • Clips to hold your hair

Ready to go?

Section off the hair. Then take your clip and pin the top of the section up. (as shown) Grab the bottom selection and hold it taut between your fingers.  

Weave the comb through the section of hair. How wide you weave is how chunky or thin your highlights will be. 

Then pinch the hair left on top of the comb. Keep holding it
Then you will fold the foil over the tail of the comb as shown

Place the fold side against the head (that flap will come in handy later) Hold the hair tight and pull the comb out. 

With the bleach or color on the brush start a little down from the roots and paint the hair. You want to get the bleach or color close to the scalp but you don’t want to get it on other hair or create those tiger strips so don’t get too close. You can flip the brush on it’s side and carefully paint just the strands of hair up to the scalp, but use caution. 

Then you will fold up the foil fold the bottom up to the top, and then up again. Then fold in the sides and it will stay in place. You want the foil to stay up against the head so this is where that flap in back can help out, if your foil slipped away from the scalp then lengthen the foil by unfolding the flap. Keep moving up the side of the head and add as many as you want all around and on top of the head. 

Now the retouch
This is really pretty easy and basic but a picture can make everything better.

You will simply paint the color on the the roots, up to the point where the previous color starts. Then done, when you are done painting all the roots, you can rub the rest of the color into the ends to freshen the color. (which I do recommend) 

Now on to the bangs.
The best friend and worst enemy of all women. I mean they are great and I love them I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have some kind of bang, but seriously bangs are what make bad hair days. Ironically they also fix bad hair days. So ladies let’s get the bangs right.
My sister in law is currently sporting the full straight across bang, so that is what the tutorial is for but the tips work for any style bang. So first with wet hair section off your bangs. Slick back or clip back the hair you don’t want cut other wise you will end up with too many bangs. 

Then take the middle section of the bangs and comb it up from your head at a slight angle as shown above.
Then with your scissors on the side notch away at the bangs. Start slowly you can always take more off, I have been doing hair for 7 years and I still start slow, you can’t glue hair back on.

Then you are going to lift the hair more straight up and cut off that point at the end there. (see it?)

Now it is gone
Next comb the hair from the side to meet the hair in the middle. 

See how you can see the hair you already cut? 

Cut that hair to the same length. Pulling it to the center is how you get it so it is slightly longer on the sides kind of framing your face slightly. Do this to both sides.

Then for drying, I like to have the hair dryer blow straight down and making my hand kind of a claw I comb through the bangs. 
You can pull the hair straight as you are drying so it will lay right and if you have a curl or kink in your bangs feel free to break out the flat iron (my best friend) 
If you are trimming your bangs between cuts dry and style them as you normally wear them and with your scissors straight up and down trim away slowly until they are the length you want. (again do this slowly) 

If you dig the side sweep bang you can do this one of two ways

  1. Follow the same steps above but instead of meeting in the middle comb all the hair over to the side that you part your bangs on and cut from there, then they will have a nice swoop in them
  2. Follow the same steps as above but cut them much longer and then brush them off to the side, this is especially great if you switch your part up from time to time. 

Well there you have it the end of Hair and Skin week I hope it inspired all of you to try something new. 
Now we are back to our crafting! (it has been building up)