Women’s hair tips

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  1. Stephanie

    How awesome, thank you. I just got bangs on Friday, so I may use your technique. :)<br />I tried the boys cut on my son … heh heh! Sort of butchered the back, but I think it&#39;s doable for the first try.

  2. Shwin W

    I hope you use the technique! You will find bangs are easy to tame. <br />I am also so happy you used the boys tips! It will get better over time, I butchered my first boys cut as well, my poor little brother had a terribly embarrassing cut for a few weeks, it get&#39;s better.

  3. Anonymous

    Hello. Just stumbled onto your site. <br />I have dark brown hair with lots of gray mixed in! I&#39;ve been coloring my hair light brown for years trying to hide the gray. I&#39;m thinking I&#39;d like to save $$$ and cut back on the chemicals. Wondering if there is a natural product that I could use to highlight/lowlight my hair at home to let the color grow out and begin the process of going to

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