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Skin Brightening Toner

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  1. Amy

    Does this toner go bad? How long is it good for?

    1. Jennifer Otis

      I was going to ask the same thing!! Does it need to be stored in the fridge?

      1. Sadie

        For real tho, can someone answer? Does this need to be restored in the fridge?

          1. Katie

            I make this and just keep it in the bathroom. I have a 3oz container and it lasts about a month. It has never gone bad.

      2. Iris

        Can I use the toner in the AM?
        wouldn’t the lemon stain the skin with the sun?

    2. shagufta

      Can wereplace witch hazel?

      1. Sadie

        Try replacing it with Apple cider vinegar

    3. abiha hussain

      What i use in place of witch hazel toner…?this is not avail in our country…plzzzz reply…

  2. Shwin R

    I have had mine for three weeks storing it at room temperature and it hasn't gone bad.

  3. Danyel

    I have freckles. will this lighten them?

    1. Gina

      Yes. You can take a slice of lemon and rub it on a clean face. Let it sit for 20 mins and wash off. If you finish off this simple peel with this toner every day, your freckles should fade pretty quick

  4. Shwin R

    Studies show that applying lemon juice to the skin will in time lighten freckles and any discolorations. I have noticed that my skin appears lighter and more even toned.

  5. Rachel

    Have you ever tried adding tea tree oil for antibacterial purposes?

    1. Amanda Becker

      witch hazel is antibacterial

  6. Unknown

    for Oily skin you say to add 2Tbs alcohol – do you mean rubbing alcohol?<br />Thanks – can&#39;t wait to try it!

  7. prachibagla

    which alcohol do u suggest for oily skin?

  8. Shwin R

    For oily skin you can use rubbing alcohol, a drop or two of tea tree oil is also beneficial for oily acneic skin. If you do decide to use tea tree oil just make sure to not use more than two drops as it can dry it skin and cause irritation.

    1. nainramzanali

      What if you have eczema

  9. Shwin R

    Sorry for the delayed response, let me know how it turns out 🙂

  10. Yaya

    Gotta be careful with sun exposure because of the lemon juice…It&#39;ll make your skin super sensitive. =) <br /><br />Otherwise, great recipe, Thanks!

  11. Taylor

    What exactly do you mean by lighten? I am multi-racial, and while I want my skin to be more even toned and brighter, I don&#39;t want my freckles or skin color to fade. <br /><br />Thanks

    1. Shwin R

      It will even your skin tone, which may include lightening sun damage but not lightening any freckles that you have ( usually much deeper pigmentation ). Let me know how it works for you 🙂

      1. Pat

        Does this help with melatonin with Africa American

        1. Pat

          Please reply tks

  12. nena1971

    I have hormonal skin discoloration from having a hysterectomy 12 yrs ago…I hate the way my skin looks. Will this help w/ that discoloration?

    1. Shwin R

      Depending on how deep your pigment is, this toner is for evening out skin tone and slight discoloration. If you have dark pigmentation I would look into IPL laser treatments. They are amazing and will dramatically diminish pigmentation. I have received IPL spot treatments and I loved it!

    2. Lanitra Harris

      So this will not work for african American skin?

    3. Amiyrah

      It works for African-American skin as well. It will lighten up any normal hyper pigmentation. But keep in mind that if you have deep hyper pigmentation, you&#39;d need to see a dermatologist to really help get rid of it.

  13. MsEpison

    I have redness around my nose, chin, and cheeks. Should this help or worsen?

    1. Shwin R

      If you experience redness, this recipe could irritate your skin. Try lowering the amount of lemon juice, substituting with witch hazel, also adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to calm redness and irritation ( I use this on bug bites and unexpected blemishes 🙂 let me know how it works for you!

  14. KillyKhan

    Would just like to comment on the plastic bottle: I might recommend glass since the acid from the lemon may erode the plastic. Otherwise, I&#39;m very excited to try this since I have noticed some pigmentation coming up around the tops of my cheeks. 🙂 Time to boost the sunscreen!

    1. Jessica Cranford

      I&#39;m not sure, you may be right about the plastic bottle and the lemon juice, but I&#39;m a printmaker and I handle a lot of strong acids, and we use plastic bottles to store them and plastic bins to hold them while using them. And this is full-strength HCl. But it would be a good idea to use glass anyway. Just a thought. 🙂 I use this recipe, and it&#39;s always a slow process but I am

    2. Sara Dixon

      You can by lemon Juice that comes in a plastic, lemon shaped bottle.

  15. Jessie

    This is great! I can&#39;t wait to try it!

  16. Emily

    Would this be alright to use lemon juice from the little lemon-shaped bottle you can buy at the superstore? I am just not sure because it has a LITTLE bit of preservative in it and I just had the bottle in my fridge…

    1. Shwin R

      That would work though I&#39;m not sure if any of the lemons properties are lossed in that process.

    2. JellyBelly

      In the freezer section at your grocery store near the bags of fruit you can fine Minute Maid frozen concentrate 100% juice from concentrate. It has juice equivalent to 7 lemons. It&#39;s in a box, but the container inside is a yellow triangular plastic bottle. I&#39;ve had mine over 2 years and it&#39;s great for using when lemon is part of a recipe. I don&#39;t think the little lemon shaped

    3. Miranda

      Right, the lemon juice bottles that are sold are NOT pure lemon juice. Several other ingredients/additives.

  17. Emily

    Hi guys! Wanted to let you know I used the lemon juice from the little lemon-shaped bottle and it was great! This toner has cleared my acne up AND is slowly fading my acne marks away! I&#39;m also using the OCM (oil cleansing method)…I don&#39;t know which one helped clear my face, but I am sticking to this using it every morning and night! 😀

    1. Shwin R

      Yea! I&#39;m glad it&#39;s working for you, thanks for sharing with us!

    2. shopgirlpicks

      Do you apply this after you oil cleanse?

    3. Frankie

      I just started doing the ocm and wanted to know when do you use the toner? And how often? Please respond! Thanks!

    4. maren

      I do the OCM before, then toner.

    5. Sherri Fox

      I like the idea of using all natural. I am excited to use. I have used from stores, which were very expensive &amp; did not work. Thank you for giving the receipts, orange Zest and face cream and mask, and the Toner. All of them. Sherri

    6. Sherri Fox

      I like the idea of using all natural. I am excited to use. I have used from stores, which were very expensive &amp; did not work. Thank you for giving the receipts, orange Zest and face cream and mask, and the Toner. All of them. Sherri

    7. kasia c.

      Did you add the alcohol to the toner if you have oily skin and doing the ocm method or leave it out?<br />Thanks. 🙂

  18. undrayza

    What exactly is the oil cleansing method?

    1. leangreenmommy

      Here is info on oil cleansing. I have dealth with very bad acne for years and it is the only thing that has helped. It has made a huge difference. It seems strange at first, the idea of using oil to clean your face. But oil dissolves oil (you actually shouldn&#39;t use drying agents, like alcohol on your face).<br />

  19. Gabriella Muñiz Bobadilla

    I live in a country where it&#39;s nearly impossible to find lemons. Will limes work?

    1. Shwin R

      I haven&#39;t used limes before in a recipe so I wouldn&#39;t know the shelf life of the toner, but limes do share many of the same skin benefits of lemons. Lime juice does help lighten and soften skin. I may just have to try it 🙂 let me know how it works for you!

    2. Leah

      I think lime juice on the skin and direct sunlight produce skin pigmentation. Maybe research before trying.

  20. csross15

    any thoughts on this used to lighten stretch marks? I just had a baby and they are starting to lighten up but this would be awesome if this lightened them faster!

    1. Shwin R

      I don&#39;t think it would really lighten stretch marks, usually ( depending on the pigment of the stretch marks ) a cream with prescription strength hydroquinone which you can get from any dr. I have seen great results with that.

    2. JellyBelly

      Tea Tree Oil works well on stretch marks. Be sure to use a carrier oil.

  21. 2982ec7e-a5d3-11e1-8bd9-000bcdcb8a73

    I normally have oily skin(very) but ever since I had my baby boy my skin is very dry and I have not changed my face wash or done anything different! What is a good lotion that won&#39;t clog pores or make my skin super oily???<br />Thanks,<br />MP

    1. Shwin R

      Obagi makes a great moisturizer that is light weight and won&#39;t clog pores, called therapeutic moisturizer ( not to be confused with their therapeutic lotion which is an acne spot treatment ). You can purchase on eBay. I also have always loved Olays face lotion for dry to normal skin, but its not for everyone as it can cause breakouts in some.

  22. deathbeforedefeat17

    I would never recommend rubbing alcohol for oily skin. It is very harmful and normally damages skin quite a bit. I would recommend tea tree oil or castor oil. They are much more natural and also help if you have acne. Also please be sure to wear sunscreen if because lemon juice makes your skin ultra sensitive to the sun.

    1. Shwin R

      Rubbing alcohol is used in most astringents, toners and moisturizers on the market, (though they often rephrase it) it helps to balance your skins oil production which is why astringents for oily skin have a higher alcohol content than a toner for dry skin. You always want to be careful how much alcohol is in the product you use to make sure it is beneficial for your skin type. And yes, thank you

    2. Meredith

      So I came across this on Pinterest and it felt it was my duty to alert my fellow oily-skinned sisters and comment…. The only valid use for rubbing alcohol would be to sterilize stainless steel items you use on your skin–tweezers, pore extractors, etc. Just because it&#39;s used in products &#39;on the market&#39; doesn&#39;t mean it&#39;s good for you! There are thousands of products put out

  23. Jane Apellido

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  24. Jane Apellido

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  25. Jane Apellido

    I have dark pigmentation on the right side of my neck. Will this lighten?

    1. Shwin R

      Any dark pigmentation you would want to lighten your best results would be from a product containing a stronger lightening agent (Kojic Acid or Hydroquinone) . You just want to be careful when applying different products on your neck as the skin is a lot more sensitive than on the face, always test a spot to see how it reacts.

  26. edriskill

    Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of blackheads? I suffer from both red pimples and blackheads.

    1. Shwin R

      What works best for me to get rid of blackheads is to exfoliate the skin first, that way you remove any dead skin that may build up over blackheads making them difficult to remove. Second steam the skin for easy extractions. If it is a stubborn blackhead I will usually take a sterilized needle and lightly poke at a 45 degree angle, if you still can&#39;t extract it after that attempt leave it

  27. AshleyMBokor

    I adore toner, i am so excited to try this out!

  28. malissaamorim

    would this be okay to use during pregnancy?

    1. Shwin R

      It is fine to use while pregnant, congrats!

  29. moonchild

    Do you have any alternatives for the Witch hazel? I don&#39;t think we can get that where I come from…

  30. KDiva

    @ Moonchild, You can get that at any of the pharmacy stores

  31. KDiva

    Hey! Question: how long can you keep this mixture? does it expire at somepoint?

    1. Shwin R

      The amount I made lasted for a few months and was still good, anything longer (or if kept in a warmer climate) I would suggest to store it in the fridge. Plus you will get the added bonus of a cool toner during the hot summer 🙂

  32. Emily Stack

    after applying, should you rinse it off?

    1. Shwin R

      There is no need to cleanse after applying.

  33. Farnaaz

    I just llove this idea. But can you give me a substitute for witch hazel, please?

    1. Shwin R

      I have only used a recipe using alcohol or witch hazel but a friend of mine had made it using apple cider vinegar and she loves and it has really helped clear up her acne. Hope that helps 🙂

  34. Lo, Plain Lo

    As an esthetician, I would like to know where you got your information, and this recipe in particular.

    1. Shwin R

      The information is from years of working with many skin conditions and ingredients that I have found work best. I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to skin as I have gone through it all with my own. Being an esthetician like I am, I&#39;m sure you&#39;re the same way 🙂 This recipe comes from trial and error with different ingredients and I had found this one to work the best for me.

  35. Stacy

    Found this post through pinterest. I have down sized the recipe considerably, since I have a small 3 ounce bottle. I have to say I just washed my face after making the small batch and so far I like the way my face feels after use.

    1. Shwin R

      Glad you&#39;re liking it, keep us posted 🙂

  36. Angie

    I am also an Esthetician 🙂 Love your recipe, I make one with the swap for adding lavender oil for redness and it works like a charm. <br />All the properties you mentioned are straight out of product knowledge and chemistry, people in the medical community some times find it tough to swallow when such simple non medicines are talked about and work. <br />With anything what is great for some

    1. Shwin R

      Thanks for the post, I&#39;m excited to try it with Lavender EO, glad it is working for you! Keep in touch with any recipes/tips you create 🙂

    2. carlingsnell

      If you use the lavender essential oil, how much will you add? And are you substituting it for another ingredient? Where do you find essential oils in the store? I have been using your recipe for a couple months or so after starting to break out really bad during my pregnancy. As you know, most stuff is not safe to use for acne while you are pregnant so I was very frustrated. Then I found

    3. Brenda's Page

      You can get essential oils by going to At the top there is a tab that says &#39;sign up&#39;. It will walk you through the process. Enter ID number 10061374. You will be able to kook up different oils and it gives you a bit of information about the oil. Signing up DOES NOT mean you are joining. It lets you check out the oils and if you want to order you can. Thank you. I hope

    4. Amanda

      my health food co op has essential oils<br />

  37. Rachel Wagler

    I have seen different witch hazel products online and I am wondering what type you used for this. I want to make this but I want to be sure I&#39;m using the best ingredient for it! Thanks!

  38. Shwin R

    I use the generic brand witch hazel, if you&#39;re looking online it would usually be labeled witch hazel astringent or toner. Any product with 85 percent or higher witch hazel will work.

  39. Jade D

    What is the shelf life? does it need to be kept cold?

  40. kat

    What if you are tanning. Will that affect how the toner works?

    1. Shwin R

      This toner will make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and tanning beds, so you want to be careful when being exposed to sunlight for an extended amount of time. Also sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen!

  41. Seeds of the Soul

    I tried this for a week and began to break out…..of course i know this is &quot;try at your own risk&quot; so no blame but wanted feedback what may have caused that or recommendations on alternatives to try. I do not consider myself to have sensitive skin…so not sure if it was the lemon juice maybe that was too strong for me idk. But I do like using natural beauty products so any

    1. Shwin R

      I can&#39;t think or any of the ingredients causing breakouts. The only reason could be that this formula is to drying for your skin causing it to produce excess oil which would cause breakouts. Try using more witch hazel and less of the lemon juice and make sure to follow with a food moisturizer or also trying a moisturizing mask once a week (see the avocado mask tutorial), see if that clears up

    2. Padma Khan

      Sometimes break outs occur because there is congestion under the surface that&#39;s finally coming out.. I would suggest using the toner for another week or two.. the acne should clear up

    3. Padma Khan

      Sometimes break outs occur because there is congestion under the surface that&#39;s finally coming out.. I would suggest using the toner for another week or two.. the acne should clear up

    4. Leah

      My sister experienced breakout increases after using witch hazel alone as a toner.<br />

  42. Sara

    Wondering if you have a recipe for eye make-up removal that is safe for contacts.<br /><br />I have always used vaseline that works like a charm but haven&#39;t used it since the dr. said no now that I have contacts.<br /><br />I am so going to try out this toner recipe.

    1. Kitten Marie

      My first recommendation would be to take out your contacts before removing your eye makeup. That way anything you get in your eye doesn&#39;t come in contact with them.<br /><br />As for an alternative eye makeup remover, try a little bit of the conditioner you use for your hair. Works like a charm. 😉

    2. Shwin R

      I&#39;ve tried a lot of makeup removers but what I use every night that I love is baby oil for sensitive skin. I&#39;m not sure how it is with contacts but it removes even the most stubborn mascara and does not sting if it gets in my eyes. I always cleanse after removing makeup as baby oil can clog pores.


      My absolute favorite makeup remover is coconut oil! It is amazing! Takes off all your makeup with ease, safe for contacts and eye area, smells amazing and it&#39;s a great under eye moisturizer!

    4. Leenagrace

      Use Qtips moistened with whatever remover you choose (store bought liquid or coconut, baby oil, etc.) I have worn contacts for 40+ years and have always removed makeup by first washing my entire face (while not putting cleanser around the eyes – just let the water go over the eye area, don&#39;t put cleanser there). So just do the face, wash, rinse, pat dry. After that process, with the water and

    5. Leah

      I love coconut oil to moisturize my lips and hands but my eyes stung after using it to remove makeup.

    6. anon

      I use [extra virgin] olive oil to remove my eye makeup and it works like a charm. I remove my lens before removing my makeup though but occasionally have left them in a few times.<br /><br />I&#39;ve heard that Vaseline could give you styes.

    7. Colby Patton

      I&#39;ve used a mixture of baby shampoo and baby oil mixed with water for the past couple of months, and it works WONDERS! I haven&#39;t had to pay for makeup remover since probably fall of 2012, and it doesn&#39;t bother my contacts. I know the recipe is somewhere on Pinterest where I found it, but it is like teeeeennnyyyyy tiny amounts of shampoo and oil with 8 oz of water. Hope it helps!!!

  43. Unknown

    Just wanted to say I have been using this 2 times a day every day for the past 2 weeks, and it has made my skin so much brighter and clearer! My pores used to be pretty big and I have always had problems with black heads around my nose. Well my pores are tight, clear and not a single black head anywhere. This is wonderful!

    1. Shwin R

      So glad you like it! Thanks for the post

  44. Nina Tank

    Just wanted to add some advise when using this and EVERYTHING that contains lemon juice: Wash off entirely before going out in the sun. I once got lemon juice on my hands on a cruise and wound up with a third degree acid burn. Leaving lemon juice on your skin and getting any amount of sun can severely damage your skin so just be careful 🙂

    1. Leah

      As a child, I dripped lime juice on my leg while outside one bright summer day. I ended up with permanent hyperpigmentation in the spot the juice fell.

  45. Carley Elaine

    How will you know when this has gone bad? Does it smell or turn a weird color? Thanks!

    1. Shwin R

      If it goes back it will have a more sour/spoiled smell. If you are afraid of it going bad you can keep it in the fridge so you won&#39;t have to worry

  46. Andy Quinn Medalla

    am in the philippines and i dnt know where to buy a witch hazel.. was it in oil form or fresh.. sorry about the idiotic question but am really not familiar with it but i need it for my son who&#39;s in puberty stage right now.. thanx..

    1. Shwin R

      It&#39;s in a liquid form, typically you can find it located by band aids and antiseptics at a store. It comes in a smal bottle similar to rubbing alcohol container.

    2. Lara Buhay

      hi. from manila too. got mine from healthy options at high street

  47. Gran Pat

    Can you use already squeezed lemon juice from bottle or is it best to use fresh lemon juice.

    1. Shwin R

      I&#39;ve tried the recipe with both and it seemed to work the same.

  48. Jenny Farmer

    I&#39;ve been using this for a week so far, and I&#39;m starting to break out. I&#39;ve got sensitive, fair skin, it used to be pretty oily before but it was better until just recently. I know sometimes you have to keep using it for your skin to get used to it and it will get better. I also have read the comments and saw adding more witch hazel and less lemon juice. Am definitely trying that,

    1. Shwin R

      Play with the recipe and let me know 🙂

    2. Jenny Farmer

      I tried it and it just isn&#39;t working, it&#39;s doing what it&#39;s supposed to, my pores have shrunk, and my skin is brighter. But it&#39;s just breaking me out too much and is not going away so unfortunately, I had to switch back to what I was doing before and wear a ton of make up, haha. But what a great and easy recipe! Just wish my skin weren&#39;t so sensitive so I could keep using it! :]

    3. Shwin R

      Sadly it won&#39;t work for everyone but I&#39;ll let you know if I come up with a recipe that I think will be beneficial for you.

  49. Camila Sarmiento

    I don&#39;t know what WITCH HAZEL is in Spanish!

    1. Shwin R

      I&#39;m not familiar with the Spanish translation so I googled it and came across &quot;hamamelis&quot; or &quot;avellano de bruja&quot; hope that helps.

    2. stephmcgee9

      Shwin,<br /><br />I love your recipes for natural products! Please call or email me if you would be interested in reviewing my NYR Organic products!! :)<br /><br /><br /><br />Thanks, <br />Stephanie<br />

  50. Dani G

    Could you use lemon EO instead of lemon juice ? 🙂

  51. Ashley

    This sounds so awesome and I really look forward to trying it out. I was curious to know what face wash and moisturizer you use to go along with this toner? And do you recommend using any type of wash and moisturizer?

  52. Jess

    i made this the other day and have been using it along with my regular facial wash and moisturizer, and i am very pleased! my face looks so vibrant and happy! thank you for this!

  53. Kara Dragolich

    I have dark circles and nothing seems to work. I&#39;ve tried expensive products and it makes my skin burn and hurt to the touch. Is it not recommended for dark circles since the skin is so thin?? I don&#39;t have an acne problem, just dark circles, and would love to not have to worry about makeup!!

    1. Shwin R

      I assume the dark circles are under the eyes? I wouldn&#39;t recommend this as a product to treat those. Dark circles can be tricky because they can be caused by numerous reasons, lack of sleep, diet, or genetics.

    2. Amanda

      what can u do if it is genetic?

  54. Sy

    Do you have a moisturizer recipe to go with your toner? Been searching the internet for ages since I developed an allergy to the commercial brand I was using.

  55. Scott Apple

    Hi there, can I use this toner with my IS Clinical Serum and a lemon juice based face mask [lemon juice and yogurt mask once a week]? If not, what do you recommend? Thank you, best regards.

    1. Shwin R

      It may be too much for your skin. The best way is to apply a test spot on your lower jaw and after a few days you will notice if there is an adverse reaction.

  56. KTV

    I&#39;m VERY pale and already sunburn easily, so the only thing I&#39;m worried about with this is using a product that has lemon juice in it. If I were to reduce how often I use it to once a day instead of twice a day (so only putting it on at night and not in the morning) and then wash it off completely in the morning before I go out into the sun, do you think I would still see results?

    1. Shwin R

      At night your skin does absorb applied facial products more than during the day so you will still get benefits from the toner just using it at night.

  57. Melanie Zebron

    I have been using this twice a day for the past three days, and I had to rush to my computer to write a review. I am absolutely kicking myself for spending hundreds of dollars over the years to help my skin when I could&#39;ve been using this for pennies. I have noticed that my pores have gotten smaller and they&#39;re not clogged like they used to be. In the past I could squeeze my nose and you

    1. Shwin R

      Thanks for the post! I&#39;m glad you&#39;re noticing a difference 🙂

  58. Team Mom Mary

    I cannot find plain jane witch hazel at my pharmacy – is Dickinson&#39;s acceptable or do you recommend another brand? Thanks!

    1. Shwin R

      Any brand would be fine as long as it is witch hazel and not a combination of other oils.

  59. Alejandra Madina

    What is witch hazel?, i live in Argentina, tks.

    1. Team AC

      it is clear liquid and comes in a bottle. Check your pharmacy or use Google translate to put it into Spanish before you go looking for it.

  60. andrea92

    Hi!! I will love to try this!! I have super oily skin!<br />I have heard that the lemon and the sun produce dark spots and uneven color! How this is working with u? You use it daily in the morning?

    1. Shwin R

      I use this both morning and night and always apply sunscreen. I have only lived in very sunny states and I have never had a problem with being exposed to sun. I never had any dark spots or irritation while using this product.

  61. Team AC

    Yes, I&#39;m also wondering about the sun sensitivity thing. Could I just put a good 30+ SPF sunscreen over top of this toner and be okay? Or don&#39;t use it at all in the mornings… just use it before bed and wash off the next morning?<br /><br />Any advice would be appreciated :)<br /><br />~Corinna

    1. Shwin R

      I always recommend a minimum of 30 SPF for the face. I have never had any contraindications using this product. I do though recommend that if you are going to be sunbathing indoors or outdoors to wash the toner off after using.

  62. stephmcgee9

    Great recipe! I love to see people using more natural products! Check your skincare on You would be surprised how many harmful chemicals are put in skincare and cosmetics!!<br /><br />Check out my site for organic essential oils that you guys have mentioned using in this recipe! Call me and I&#39;ll give you 25% off! We also have amazing make-up, sunscreen, skincare, baby

  63. Alyse Bingham

    Like, rubbing alcohol? That seems a bit harsh for skin, but if it works, awesome!!

  64. Cindy

    I&#39;ve been using this recipe for about a month now–love it! I also have used it to target a zit and it pretty much disappeared before my eyes! I&#39;m calling it the Zit Zapper! I&#39;ve linked you up to my blog post! Have a great day!<br /><br />Cindy<br />

    1. Shwin R

      Haven&#39;t tried it as a zit zapper but now I will, thanks for the post!

  65. alejandra soria

    Hi can this work on the body? Or just face?

  66. Team AC

    Hi, I&#39;ve been using this toner for about a month now (since finding your site). I like it, but find that it stings my face a bit right after putting it on… not a super comfortable feeling. Also, in places where I have fresh zits, it stings even more. <br /><br />I will give it another couple weeks to see how it goes, and then make a call from there. Not sure if I want to go back to my

  67. Laura Verla

    Can you use lemon essential oil instead of lemon juice? It seems like essential oil would stay fresh longer. Thanks!

  68. Al

    Will this work for dry skin? Do you suggest any moisturizers?

  69. JellyBelly

    In the freezer section at your grocery store near the bags of fruit you can fine Minute Maid frozen concentrate 100% juice from concentrate. It has juice equivalent to 7 lemons. It&#39;s in a box, but the container inside is a yellow triangular plastic bottle. I&#39;ve had mine over 2 years and it&#39;s great for using when lemon is part of a recipe. I don&#39;t think the little lemon shaped

  70. c89e6f88-012f-11e2-abfc-000bcdcb2996

    I can&#39;t wait to give this a try. I have trouble with blocked pores, and constantly get milia. I NEVER, and I mean NEVER wear make up. I have been using a benzoyl peroxide face wash my dermatologist suggested and clinique moisturizer. Nothing has been helping. Hopefully this will. If you have any other suggestions, that would be great. I used to use Skinborn cleanser and moisturizer but

  71. TriskaSas

    I have difficulty in finding witch haZel in my country (Indonesia) but I can find other ingredients in fresh, what do you suggest for substitute ingredient for witch hazel? Thank you very much, I am so excited to try this recipe for my blackhead 🙂

  72. miss may

    How good does this work on dark skin I&#39;m African Americans and Indian but my skin is very dark will this even my skin

  73. jjotter

    I just found this recipe on Pinterest last week. I had the WORST stress acne ever. My face looked awful and I am ALWAYS complaining about my HUGE pores. My 14 year old son was having a bad acne outbreak too. I made the toner with lavendar oil and we started using it daily like you said. BOTH our faces have completely cleared up. I can BARELY see my pores. My skin feels soft and clean after using

  74. linnea f.

    Hi! Will this make my skin paler? The idea of even skin tone and tiny pores is great, but I acquired a natural tan on my face over the summer, and I&#39;d really rather not do something to make it go away. (my face is REALLY pale in the winter, which makes redness and little breakouts show up even more..)

  75. ChicShimmer

    Hi! is this good for people with sensitive skin? Also im so confused as to whether im oily or dry or combination. Iam dry and oily at t zone area, its so confusing! Also how long did you use this toner till you saw results? Btw what facial cleanser and moisturizer do you use? do you have any natural ones in mind and that great for sensitive skin and work well? Thanks a bunch!!

  76. Pepper

    I stay in a all year round summer country, i am wondering will it turn bad? How long will it last without turning bad.

  77. stinerd

    Do you put any lotion on afterwards?

  78. Unknown

    Can&#39;t wait to try this for the lightening effects. I have oily acne prone skin and for the last few weeks I have had a lot of success with washing at night with a mixture of honey and baking soda followed by a 50/50 apple cider vinegar toner. In the mornings I&#39;ll either use the same routine as night or use buttermilk/baking soda/nutmeg facial followed by the ACV toner.

  79. Missy Loar

    I loved the idea and loved how it felt and looked when I first put it on, and was hoping to see better results over time, but I ran into a snag: I put on a moisturizer afterward (as recommended) but I could barely rub the moisturizer into my skin! It caked on my face and began drying (and drying my skin out). I have used face moisturizer for a long time so I&#39;m guessing these two just don&#39;

  80. Jamie Jackson

    Can you use limes instead or does it just have to be lemons?

  81. Alessandra

    Looks good, I used to use witch hazel year and years ago and I forgot about it, thank you for reminding me :-).<br /><br />Ciao<br />Alessandra<br /><br />PS<br />following you 🙂

  82. Unknown

    Is it normal for your skin to start stinging after application???

  83. Unknown

    Is it normal for your skin to start stinging after application???

  84. Lisa Jones

    Do you wash this off or let it dry and leave it on. Must try this. After having a hysterectomy at age 29 and now Im 33, acne and facial redness is a major issue for me. So thanks and I cant wait to try it.

  85. Jesspapilon

    I saw this about a week ago and fell in love. I read all the comments and also discovered the oil cleansing method. I&#39;ve always had blackheads that I couldn&#39;t help but to pick at ALL the time! This is drawing everything out. I have my acne-prone boyfriend into this too! He used to use proactive but I convinced him to try something less harsh and more effective. His acne scars are looking

  86. myTime 312

    This is an excellent recipe for sure…I have been using pure lemons on my hands, fingernails, &amp; arms 1 month b4 I even read this and My nails have grown so long I ha e to file them down considerably. It makes my skin so soft and my far from perfect skin look flawless. PS.It moisterizes my cuticles so well after scrubbing with a half lemon I don&#39;t have to use a cuticle nipper at all

  87. Harris75

    How do you use it. I&#39;m confused on your steps. Do you use.your normal face.cleaner then this it just this and put it on a cleaning pad and call it good?

  88. Carly91

    I have super oily skin. I&#39;ve tried almost everything but nothing seems to work. And if it does my face gets used to the treatment and there goes the 8.00 I spend on acne treatment. I was wondering if you suport the oil cleansing method alond with this lemon toner? Or pick one over the other?

  89. Tatiana.Rose

    PLEASE DON&#39;T EVER PUT RUBBING ALCOHOL, OR ANY ALCHOL ON YOUR SKIN! This will only temporarilly reduce your oil on the surface when in reality it is striping you skin of oils so severly that your skin will go in over drive to produce more making your oil problems that much worse. I&#39;m a licensed esthetician in CA, and I would NEVER let a client put alcohol on their face. Tea Tree is fine.

  90. Caitlyn Bishop

    Hello, I just started using the toner a few days ago and I already notice a difference! I was wondering if there were any face washes or moisturizers you would recommend? I have been using proactive but it&#39;s gotten to costly. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  91. Jolina E

    is it good for sensitive skin?<br />

  92. Syrilda Miller

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  93. Jane

    Can u use something else instead of with hazel? :s Don&#39;t think I can find it here in Belgium

    1. Valentina

      I think you can find it in Belgium also – I live in Germany and here its called der Zaubernuss or latin – Hamamelis. In the Pharmacy you should ask for Hamameliswasser (or Hamamelis water – its a liquid that includes the necessary oil).

  94. Maarten Gubbens

    My skin is dry and very sensitive and i have dart spots on my eyes around please tell me is it good for sensitive skin?<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Benefits of Coffee on Skin</a><br />

  95. Jen Benkart

    Can you use lemon juice from a bottle or do you need to squeeze lemons

  96. Sunny Days

    Hi, I have been using this toner for about a week now and like another who commented, I have some breakouts that have surfaced on my cheeks. My forehead is clear so I would think if I were having an allergic reaction that it would be broken out as well. I am wanting to keep using this to see if the acne clears up. I have heard that skin can sometimes &quot;purge&quot; when it is &quot;deep

  97. Sunny Days

    Hi again! I think I have answered my own question about the skin purging. After about a week of breakouts my skin has cleared significantly and is looking nice and &quot;glowy&quot;! Thank you for this terrific toner recipe! I just made a fresh batch last night! 🙂

  98. mypoohkerbean

    I do not typically write &quot;reviews&quot; but I feel that I must on this. I came across this brightening toner by complete accident one night while looking up DIY home spa day treatments on Pinterest for my friends and I. I thought that it looked interesting and decided to give it a try. A little background on my skin… I have very sensitive, DRY skin that is prone to breakouts, especially

    1. Lois-Anne

      Wow, this is brilliant. Thanks for sharing, it will mean that I now will try this for certain! Have some of the same problems as you at times :)<br /><br />Am going to make some for my mum for Mothers Day too 🙂

  99. krissy

    this should have a cosmetic preservative added to it to keep it safe. Anything with water added needs one to keep mold, yeast and bacteria from growing. Just because it can&#39;t be seen with the naked eye doesn&#39;t mean it&#39;s NOT there. I make cosmetics for a living and teach others.

  100. Savannah

    Hi!<br /><br />I have a question, I have a combination of oily and dry skin. My skin is also very sensitive. With all the ingredients, including the alcohol, will this recipe sting my skin at all?<br /><br />Thanks.

  101. mari C.

    Hi! <br />I&#39;m def. goint to try this out! What would be a good facial cleanser to use?<br />On the other hand, would this recipe work for dark underarms? Or is there something for dark underarms?<br /><br />Thank you 🙂

  102. theresa godwin

    I know it wears on your skin, but I like to tan in a tanning bed and I read in previous comments tht the lemon juice may make your skin sensitive to the sun so I guess that would mean tanning beds also.. I did not know if this was not a good product to use on my face if I am going to be tanning….

  103. theresa godwin

    I know it wears on your skin, but I like to tan in a tanning bed and I read in previous comments tht the lemon juice may make your skin sensitive to the sun so I guess that would mean tanning beds also.. I did not know if this was not a good product to use on my face if I am going to be tanning….

  104. Katie Sprandel

    Hi so I have super dark rings under my eyes, I&#39;ve had them ever since I could rememberr… would this even it out at all? I have to apply so much makeup to hide it

  105. April Meek

    The toner and moisturizer we use after that solution is that part of the solution or something we have to get to apply after the solution?

  106. Brenda's Page

    I&#39;m almost out of my toner so I&#39;m going to try this. I&#39;m 58 and hate what aging is doing to my face

  107. Brenda's Page

    Thank you for sharing. Tried to add this to my comment above but for some reason it wouldn&#39;t let me. Thank you much.

  108. Cassidy

    Not sure if this was already asked, but I use retin-a. Can I use this with retin-a?

  109. Emily Dreiling

    Question, Why is lemon juice and honey so good for your skin, And if this does work will it give me wrinkles and blemishes when i get older?

  110. Mary Carlstedt

    I have red discoloration on my face…. do you think this will help get rid of it?

  111. Lois-Anne

    I have a bottle of tea tree and witch hazel which is a facial cleanser and toner thingy. It is liquid and has the same consistency as water. Could I use this instead of buying witch hazel?<br /><br />Thanks, <br /><br />Lois – Anne

  112. Brooke Hembree

    What kind of sunscreen do you use? Do you apply it before you put make up on? It seems every kind I use it clogs my pores and makes me break out. I use the neutrogena for face suncreen and it gives my skin this nasty feeling that its caked on.

  113. Brooke Hembree

    What kind of sunscreen do you use? Do you apply it before you put make up on? It seems every kind I use it clogs my pores and makes me break out. I use the neutrogena for face suncreen and it gives my skin this nasty feeling that its caked on.

  114. Cutis Medical

    Very nice and informative blog. I learn a lot thing from your blog. I was looking similar type of information. You blog is really very useful. Thanks for sharing<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Skin Laxity</a>

  115. Miklósné Ketrec

    I think I will make this toner today..But I will use distilled water (boiling up first), to make it last longer. <br />Yesterday I tried to rub my face with a slice of lemon and it hurt like hell..I hope this toner won&#39;t irritate my skin. I use coconut oil for moisturizing, maybe that will help to prevent redness and and that burning feeling..

  116. Laura Camila

    Hmm I don&#39;t know if I would use this in the morning since lemon juice, when in contact with the skin, and exposed to direct sunlight stains the skin (and not evenly either) it happened to my mom&#39;s hands and it was really hard to get rid of them. However, I think it&#39;d be a good toner to use at night.

  117. Rach

    Hi, just wondering if that was rubbing alcohol or something else?<br />Thanks

  118. J. Taylor

    Really love this toner. I have combination oily/dry skin &amp; It is really helping with my hyper pigmentation (which is noticable since I am African American) and large pores across my nose and cheeks. I only use it once a day. I exfoliate about 3x a week in the shower with olive oil and raw sugar cane sugar –I don&#39;t press down on my face too hard while using since it is a coarse scrub.

  119. J. Taylor

    Really love this toner. I have combination oily/dry skin &amp; It is really helping with my hyper pigmentation (which is noticable since I am African American) and large pores across my nose and cheeks. I only use it once a day. I exfoliate about 3x a week in the shower with olive oil and raw sugar cane sugar –I don&#39;t press down on my face too hard while using since it is a coarse scrub.

  120. Laderma

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  121. Christina Lee

    Hi, I am excited to try this new toner. Will it also work on acne scars on my shoulders? While I was pregnant I broke out like crazy and hate the scarring!!

  122. Nushrat Khan

    Thank you for this idea. I have a combination skin which stays fine and clean during winter but becomes oilier during summer times and I start to get more pimples. Lately I had a sudden breakout and I have got 3-4 pimples on my cheek and I have to use two/three blotting paper these days. So I was desperate to try something natural and fresh which is keep the oil on my face more balanced. <br />So

  123. alexis manzur

    Do you wash your face after you apply ? Or just apply and dry then apply makeup ?

  124. Melissa Alexander

    What about lemon oil? I have a bottle of it in my cabinet. Would it work the same? I apply self tanner to my face and also retinol. Is it okay to use together?

  125. Tiffany Johnson

    Are you able to use this on your neck to clean and brighten as well?<br />

  126. Tiffany Johnson

    Are you able to use this on your neck to clean and brighten as well?<br />

  127. Rusty Johannsberg

    Thanks for the recipe you mentioned here in your post. Will give it a try and let see how it goes on my part. Love to use natural products and I hope it works well on my skin. :)<br /><br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">check this blog</a> <br /><br /><br />

  128. Erin Mitchell

    Hi,<br /><br />I want to try this, but have a few questions. How long does the toner keep or do you have to remake it each time you want to use it? Do you keep it in the refrigerator? <br /><br />Thanks!

  129. Cathy Tuggle

    This is the BEST toner.<br />I made it, used it, ran out, and I can see the difference in my skin. <br />I need to get some more Witch Hazel, I used the lemon juice from a plastic lemon, and I used distilled water. <br />I bought colored bottles from Target and stored the liquid in them. During the warmer month&#39;s I kept this in the fridge for a refreshing toner!

  130. Cathy Tuggle

    I made this facial toner some time ago. I noticed a difference in my skin when I ran out. This is an excellent toner!!!<br />I bought my Witch Hazel at Walmart, and a plastic lemon with juice. I also used distilled water because I think it&#39;s the purest water, though I may be wrong!<br />All these ingredients are very inexpensive. Once made, and used twice daily, morning and night, you&#39;ll

  131. Pauline Reyes

    Hi Shwin, <br />How long have you been using this skincare regime? Did it work well on your skin? Thanks a lot.<br />xo,<br />~Pauline @<a href="; rel="nofollow">Kallony</a>

  132. krystal webb

    can you tell me what you use before and after applying this toner?<br />

  133. sathyam shonkho

    thank you for this great article and i thing i was the most effective thing of all but the problem is the <a href="; rel="nofollow"><b>photofacial ipl</b></a> some of my friend suggested me to use it but can you please let me know will it be good for me and another thing can you suggest me <a href="

  134. Kloe Kariski

    I have heard a few dermatologists recommend witch hazel for zits but I am reluctant to try anything besides Citrus Clear because it has been the only products that control my oily skin and acne. It dries it out and prevents it from becoming be a horrible, noticeable, angry, red, zit that everyone stares at in business meetings. I wash with Citrus Clear at night and in the morning – and i Use

  135. pooja shinde

    good information…<br />

  136. Tammy Chrzan

    I&#39;m going to make this straight away! Might I suggest though… A small glass jar or bottle instead? Plastic has nasty chemicals and… it&#39;s horrific for the Planet! Love your blog, and I have shared it on Twitter and my own personal Facebook account! Tammy x

  137. Cyndie Grijalva

    This might sound like a silly question but where did you find the plastic bottle to put it in?

  138. karie Buss

    What kind of Alcohol do u mean the rubbing Alcohol???

  139. Leasel

    How long will the toner keep after making? Should it be refrigerated?

  140. Christa

    I will be trying this out for sure but I have one question… Which is better to add to the toner for pale, acne (hormonal) prone skin tea tree Oil or the lavender oil or both? My face gets red in areas where I have breakouts.

    Also do you have a cleanser or moisturizer you would recommend? I am currently using okay cleanser and Egyptian magic at night for moisturizer and aveno for day.

    Thank you for your help!!

  141. yolanda

    Should I use fresh squeezed lemon juice or can I use bottled lemon juice to get the full effects of this toner?

  142. Emma

    I have only been using this for a couple days and I have already noticed a difference. The first night I broke out a bit (that could have been hormones however) but afterwards I noticed a significant difference in the visible size of my pores. I love it so far. 🙂

  143. Tally

    I was wondering if instead of witch hazel, you could use Tea tree oil?

  144. kissel

    Does this helps for acne spots?

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  147. jaime

    I just want to thank you for this. I happened upon it on Pinterest one day as I’ve been trying to incorporate more natural products in my life and stay away from chemicals as much as possible. I’m 30 years old and have had acne since I was 13. After years of numerous products and medicine I’ve been able to keep my face in pretty clean shape, except I break out still due to enlarged pores and scarring from messing with my face when younger (my parents were not knowledgeable in helping me understand my face when younger and I see the reminder every day in the mirror). I’ve been using this recipe for a month now and could not believe the great results I’ve seen. I think it is mostly due to the witch hazel. It has kept my face extremely clear and in the event of a break out I’ve seen a much faster clear up rate than any store brought cream. In the middle of the month I stopped for 3 days as part of my experiment to see if the product was helping and low and behold once I stopped I started to get some breakouts. After 2 days of starting the regimen again, poof, back to normal. Also the lemon has made my face look great. I didn’t see too much lightening of scarring, but it makes my face look bright and happy! I still might try the Mederma cream for a more intense ridding of the scarring. I am trying to avoid microdermabrasion. I know I wrote a lot, but I just had to explain how thankful I am for finding this. I am making my second batch tonight!

  148. Kyrstie

    Hi there! I just thought I would let you know I made this and reviewed it on my blog. I also made sure to link it back to your original post. 🙂 Thanks! Kyrstie

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  150. TJ

    This toner recipe is the absolute best. It has saved my skin and it’s the only toner I use now. Thanks for posting!

  151. Evangelina

    Hello! I’m from Philippines Who leaves in Kefalonia Island Greece! I’m married here,.. My question is? I got a bit spot on my face, when we still in Athens, and then we moved in Kefalonia Island, since then, the block spot on my face, become a lot, and I been to Dermatology Doctors, most of them are giving me a cream and it’s nothing, for good result,… Is there’s any possible, a good idea ??

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