sewing for girls

Inspired by Project Runway leggings part I

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  1. Stephanie

    You know what? I have an old pair of brown leggings I wore when I was pregnant. And I have a little bird stencil I have yet to use. I bet I could just take them in to fit me now (just did that to my fave pair of maternity jeans) and stencil on a little white birdie, fit for fall. DUH!<br />Thanks for my inspiration for the day!

  2. I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar

    Wow. You did a great job. It actually looks like you did a big reverse applique with the stitching you added around the edges. Way to go! Thanks for the link-up too!<br /><br />Cheri

  3. monzielynch

    LOVE THIS!!! I have two girls and they are always getting holes in the leggings and I have been cutting them off and making bike shorts but that doesn&#39;t help now that it&#39;s getting colder. Thanks soooooo much! So happy I found your blog!

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