I think it is time for another “Inspired by Project Runway” Season 8 is quickly wrapping up and well I found it getting less and less inspiring. There have been some uh… weird designs this season. The one thing I have paid attention to however is the use of leggings. They have been a part of almost every episode and well there were some cool idea there. So over the next few days there will be leggings in almost every way you could think, all inspired by Project Runway.

Do you have leggings like this?
Or maybe like this? You know the kind that have holes in the knees and are likely about to be thrown out. Let’s face it leggings are made out of thin knits and well seem to get a hole in the knee easily when you have kids, crawling, falling, or playing. (even a pair or two of mine have holes in the knees so I guess I can’t just call this a kid problem)

So today I am showing you two different ways to take care of the holes and fall in love with the leggings again.
(this could also be done on new leggings if you just want to spice them up)

The first pair is inspired from Ivy’s design way back from episode 1 of this season. I wasn’t crazy about the look, or maybe the fabric, but either way I liked the kind of gathered look of the leg.
I call it the “layered leg” because when you are done it has the look of almost layered pieces sewn together, yet still getting that slightly gathered look.
*as a note this will shorten the legging so you may want to consider that or pick up some matching knit and lengthen the bottom. 
First I turned the leggings inside out and pinching the fabric where the hole is. Then you can either sew with the machine or by hand along the line that you pinched the fabric. Sew these pleats all around the leg. Do as many or as few as you like. Since my leggings had 2 holes in the one knee I did enough to cover the holes and then the other side matched it. 
Then when they are sewn they should look something like the picture above
Turn them right side out and you have some sweet new hole free leggings.
Try them on your little one and she might just strike a model like pose.
(you could totally do this to adult leggings as well)

The next legging is inspired by Gretchen’s design. I like the “screen printed like” design on the legging… so I bring you

This may just be my new favorite. 

First things first, The screen printing it’s self. I used the freezer paper stenciling technique. There are a lot of great tutorials out there for freezer paper stenciling my favorite is this one HERE

Basically I used the Tulip matte fabric paint, I created my own colors by mixing the paint colors together.

then I traced my design onto the freezer paper and with my scalpel I cut it out and then ironed it on to some scraps of an old black tee shirt (black to match the leggings) 

then I painted my design and peeled back the paper. 

Then I cut around the print and pinned it in place on the legging, sure that it covered the hole. (yes I cut off the bottom of the design I decided not to have it go all the way up the leg) 

Then I took some embroidery floss and stitched around the design, this does two things, one adds to the design and gives dimension and two it holds the patch in place.
Then when you are done you can trim around the edges to get a clean look.

Then you are done. Your little one can enjoy the new hole free pair of leggings, that took on a new cool look in the process.
(the vest FYI is the one made
HERE only I made it longer)

Well there you have it two new tricks for leggings