Today I am sharing my take on the white pant that I loved some much from project runway. Of course I did it as a legging, because it is easy, and comfy for my little one. She can have style but she is a little young to suffer for it yet 🙂
This is the pant that Cassanova made during the military lace challenge. White studded, and there was some pleating around the knee. I loved it!

To start grab your knit or oversized tee shirt (I found this for a dollar at walmart score) You will also need a pair of leggings as a pattern. You will notice I left a lot of room below the pant. Since they will be gathered I wanted to make them longer so they will still be pants and not cropped on her.
Cut around the pant leaving a seam allowance. Unlike most of the leggings I make don’t cut this one on a fold, just cut 4 following the pattern of your pant leg. 

Then cut two narrow strips that are the length of the leggings you used as your pattern, or the length you want the final legging to be. 

For the studs, I used the iron on studs found at most craft stores.

I cut the rows so I had three strips and then cut one strip in half so I had enough for two pant legs.

Then I gathered a few inches up the side of each leg piece. How high you gather up the leg depends on how long you want them to be in the end, just make sure you do them each the same.

Then you should have all four legs nice and ruffled.

That’s when you take the narrow strip and sew it along the straight side of one leg.

Then sew another leg to the other side of the strip, so when it is laid flat you have something that looks like the picture above, or a basic pant pattern.

Then take the studs and placing one and the half row down the strip you press them down then turn the fabric over iron, let it cool and then you have studded pants. (it’s that easy) Do that with both legs.

Then right sides together sew the other side of the legs up to the crotch so you have tubes that look like the picture above.

Put the two tubes (legs) into each other right sides together and sew along the raw edge.

Then you have the pant

Turn the top in and make an elastic casing and put your elastic in and then you are done

Pair it with you favorite lace top to complete the look

Legging number 2 today comes from the same inspiration as the first pair. No not the style these are comfy, loose, cozy leggings, that maybe shouldn’t be called leggings, but I am going to call them that anyway. 

Does seeing this picture help you pick up on the source of the inspiration? Well maybe you have guessed it’s white. I love white. I am also a bit of a rule breaker, I mean why stop wearing white just because labor day is over? So I combined my love affair with leggings, and leg warmers, and I made something white that can totally be worn all fall and winter long. 

I started with this sweater I no longer wore, but keep your eye out at thrift stores. 

Then I cut off the sleeves. I knew I was going to fold the cuff up so measured from the folded cuff up so I knew where to cut them off at.

Then out of the same tee shirt I used for the leggings above I cut out a shape following a diaper cover (make sure the stretch the cover so you know how wide to make your pattern) Cut two of those.

Sew them together at the sides and the crotch

Then pin the sleeves to the leg openings. Sew in place.

Turn under the waist and create an elastic casing, then put in your elastic and you are done. Easy as pie right?

You could wear them under a skirt as leggings/tights
Or under a tunic top (which once was a dress but someone grew)