Time to dig through your husbands closet.

If your husband is anything like mine he has a million tee shirts most of which haven’t been worn in years and likely don’t fit. They may be to small or to short for him but I’ll bet they will make a perfect shirt for you.

Want to make one?
You will need:
  • 1 tee shirt
  • scraps of a coordinating fabric (with stretch is best)

So I started with this ugly ringer. I will admit I didn’t think the ugly oatmeal color with navy cuffs could be saved at all. However it was in my husbands giveaway pile and I am not one to waste. So I used it.

I grabbed one of my favorite tees and laid it out over the old shirt while it was inside out. Then I cut around the shirt leaving a seam allowance.

Then I folded the cut out in half and cut in a lower neck line (this also removed the ugly navy ringer around the neck)

Then I cut off the sleeves from the scraps and removed the ringers. I then cut the ringers so they opened to one long strip and I made 2 rectangles that were the length of the cuffs, and about 3 inches wide.

First thing I did was sew the rectangle at the short sides to create a tube then right sides together and sewed the cuff to the sleeve. So that when it is turned out it looks like the picture above.

Then I folded the cuff in so that it was only showing as much as I wanted and then top stitch it in place.

I also top stitched the cuff.

Then sew the right sides together of the shirt down the sides. Then it is time to add the sleeves. They will likely be larger then they need to be since they were a mens sleeve. So I fit the sleeve into place and gathered the top of the sleeve so it would fit. then sew it in place.

Gathering the sleeve adds a nice feminine puff

so then you are done.

I cut strips out of the scraps that were left and pleated them and then sewed them in place along the side of the neckline. Just for a little something something.
want to add something else? Check HERE and HERE for ideas

Enjoy your creation!