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Men’s to Woman’s shirt

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  1. Anonymous

    great idea!!

  2. Anna

    I love it!! I have a pile of my husband's shirts that are still in good condition, but don't fit him anymore since he lost a bunch of weight at basic training! BONUS : new clothes for me!

  3. Leann

    This is such a fun idea! But a question – what did you do to the neckline? Did you just stich around to keep it from stretching? Thanks!

  4. Shwin W

    Sorry I spaced the neckline explanation… Sewing along the neckline would work since it would keep it from stretching and that is the main idea, I made a "collar" piece by tracing the neckline and cutting out a strip that had the same curve and was about an inch thick. I sewed it to the front and then turned it around to the inside. This does two things, keeps your neckline from

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