Because short puffy skirts are so in right now… I give you the no sew skirt that is nice and puffy. It is so easy and so fast to make you can do it before what’s in is no longer in.
Ready to get started?
You need:
  • Fleece
  • Tulle
  • Ribbon

First fold your fleece in half measure around the waist of whoever will wear it. Add 4 inches. that is how long your rectangle will be. Cut to the length and then from the fold up measure oh 6 inches. Mark with pins as you measure across.

Then every two inches you will cut slits up to those marks

Then for me I had to shorten the skirt by cutting off some of the top. Decide how long you want the skirt. (if you want it less than 6 inches long then make sure to cut your strips less you need to have extra room on top.)

Then cut slits in the top so that each slit centers the strips. The slits should be wide enough for the ribbon to pass through.
Then cut strips of tulle and pass it through the “loops” and weave ribbon through the slits at the top.

To make the skirt become a tube in the middle back you will overlap the slits by two slits and pass the ribbon through both layers of it.

Then have the ribbon tie in front. Put it on and you are done!