sewing for girls

The Ruffled Up Skirt

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  1. [email protected]

    What a great idea to use a scarf. It's gorgeous! I'll be linking, thanks for the great how-to!

  2. Anonymous

    very cute! can't wait to try this, thanks!

  3. MostlySunny

    LOVE it!! I can't wait till next summer to see my little miss walking in something like this!!

  4. Pandora31

    Love it! Needed something quick and cute for DD birthday in a few days!<br />Thanks!!

  5. TARA-EmBenDesigns

    Cute way to repurpose old jeans pants!

  6. Marisa

    This is so cute! I recently got some hand-me-down jeans for my little girl – now I know what to do with them.

  7. CreativaCale

    Cute idea ,not only for little girl.Kiss from Serbia.<br />Please,visit my blog:<br />

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