Today I will share the Abbey Road Boots. They were the boots I made for Project Run and Play. The challenge for that week was adult inspired looks. We were supposed to take adult looks and make them appropriate for a child to “run and play” in (hence the name of the competition) When I made the outfit (seen here) I knew that any adult would pair an adult version with a killer pair of boots. So I made a soft soled version for my little miss.
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I was inspired by this pair of Christian Louboutin boots, that I love
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And this lovely pair, also Christian Louboutin. Which I also loved.

However the heels had to go for the little one and I adapted the styles to be more appropriate and comfortable for my little one.
I named them Abbey Road, for my daughter.
Want to make your own pair? The could not be more easy, although I do apologize in advance that I was sewing late at night, at my mom’s so the pictures are not the best… but I will do my best to walk you through it.

I started with the pattern I created for these baby shoes and that pattern can be
downloaded HERE
(I actually downloaded and printed this pattern as a start point for the boots)
Then since this pattern was not big enough for my baby that is not a baby anymore. So to start I traced my daughters shoe to use as the sole of the boot. I cut two out of the moleskin and two out of the lining. Then measure around the sole, that is how long the top part of the shoe needs to be (the pattern piece above) You just measure from the top left corner, down around the toe and up the side. The good news is there is no seam in these shoes they just overlap so it doesn’t have to be a perfect measurement. Next I added a curve outward so it would come up higher around the ankle. Lastly you are going to add length to the flap piece so that it can be pleated. Cut two with the length added and two at the regular size.
I hope that made sense.
Start by putting in pleats so that the top piece becomes the same size as the lining piece. sew them along the sides to hold them in place.
Next with right sides together sew the top and lining together along the flap and inside of the piece.
The turn it around and topstitch the piece.
Next pin it to the sole. You should have some overlap, the flap should be on the inside when they overlap. 
Then you will sew them together. I had a reader a little while back ask me about sewing the heel of the shoe, This can be a little tricky to get smooth so I thought I would try and take better pictures to show how I sew the heel. Start going into the heel with the fabric all laying smooth along the side you are sewing. Start going around the curve and stop just before you reach a fold or pucker.
Lift the foot up with the needle still down and smooth out the bumps. You can push the fabric back over to the side you already sewed if it helps to get it to lay smooth. Once it is smooth lower the foot and continue sewing.
Every time you come to a pucker, or fold do the same thing, lift the foot and smooth it out. then you will have a nice and smooth heel
Then turn it right side out. Add buttons for detail if you like and snaps on the flap and shoe to secure. (sorry I didn’t take a picture of that)
Now your Sweet little Miss can have some rockin’ and kid friendly boots.